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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Mother-Daughter Tea

This past Sunday Sarah and I attended the Mother-Daughter Tea at my church.

Sarah was very excited to be attending this with me. I’m not sure whether she was more excited about the actual tea itself or the new dress I bought her for the occasion.

Sunday was a rainy and dreary day here, but that didn’t stop Sarah from donning her new spring dress and sandals. Grandma got her the sandals and Sarah loved them because she thought they looked like high heels. (Perhaps it was the open toe that gave them the grown up appearance but they certainly weren’t high heels.)

This was our first tea so neither one of us really knew what to expect.

The Knights of Columbus wore their tuxedos and served as tea as soon as we arrived. We had our choice of different flavors of hot tea. (I chose Pomegranate Fizz and Sarah chose Lemon Burst. At least I think those were the names.) They also served a couple of different flavors of iced tea as well as Fruit Punch.

Then they served our tea sandwiches. Sarah had PB&J on bread that was shaped like a butterfly and I had a cucumber cream cheese sandwich as well as a prosciutto wrapped asparagus sandwich.

We also had scones with orange marmalade and strawberries. All the portions were bite sized just like they would be at a proper high tea.

After we ate, a story reader from one of the local county library branches read us several stories about mothers and daughters. My favorite was “My Names Is Not Isabella!” This book might just make it’s way into Sarah’s Easter basket.

After the stories we had cream puffs and tiny little cakes for dessert.

And then the real fun began…door prizes! Because everyone knows it’s not a proper high tea without door prizes!

There were probably 120 people at the tea and they probably had 30 door prizes. Sarah didn’t understand the concept and kept asking me when they were going to call her name.

I tried to explain that not everyone would win and that since there were only a few prizes left she probably would not win anything. I barely got these words out when they called her name.

She turned to me and gave me a huge smile and an I-told-you-so look and proudly headed up to the front to pick up her prize.

And with that, the mother daughter tea was over.

On the ride home, I asked her what her favorite part of the tea had been. Without hesitation she replied, “The door prize!”

Had she asked me what my favorite part had been, without hesitation I would have

replied, “Spending time with you!”

I think we will be going back next year.



Annikke said...

That is so fun! I wish our church did something like this. When I suggested it last year they told me "Sure! You head it up!" But I didn't have time last year since I was heading up two other events at the church :-(

He & Me + 3 said...

So glad she won. What a fun time for both of you. What pretty ladies your both are too. Love her dress!

Robin hill farm said...

Oh, how fun! It looks like you guys had a great time. You girls look so pretty! :)

Jessica Ryan said...

Sounds and looks like you both had a wonderful time! I love special mother-daughter moments like that!

Wendy said...

What fun! It looks like you both enjoyed yourself and I'm glad Sarah won a door prize. I guess I'll never make it to a Mother Daughter Tea with three boys. What do we get - camping? I think I'll have to pass!

Andrea said...

Don't you just LOVE having a little girl!!! I never knew having a girl would be so much fun. I love doing "girlie things" with Alex!

Glad you both had fun!

Mari said...

She looks so cute! I'm wondering what she won? I'm glad you had fun!

Jaina said...

Sounds like so much fun! I love teas. :) I'm so excited that Sarah loved it :)

Alicia The Snowflake said...

Oh how precious! She's adorable! I'm glad you guys had a great time!

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Oh how fun. Its so precious being with them alone at this age. I took the Dolly to a kind of fancy restaurant one early evening - just me and her - she was glowing! I thought I was going to eat her up instead of the yummy meal. And thanks for the pics of the little princess - divine!

Kim said...

Oh what fun girls are! Sweet memories, precious post.

Brittany said...

How FUN! :) What a wonderful idea for moms and daughters!!

Grandma T said...

Beautiful pictures! Beautiful Day and Beautiful Mother and Daughter!

Susan Hight said...

Oh how wonderful! Both of you are so beautiful. Have a great day.

Heather said...

I look forward to doing this kinda stuff with Olivia one day.

RR Mama said...

Great pictures! Sounds like a great day. I know you will remember it forever.

jennwa said...

That sounds like so much fun.

I love Sarah's dress too, I hope she takes good care of it so Cheyanne can wear it next year.

Those are great pictures of you two together.