Sunday, September 21, 2008

Miracle Monday

It's Miracle Monday again!

This is a really cool miracle that Laura over at Catholic Teacher Musings wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Was it an angel? You decide!

(This is Laura's story and is taken directly from her site.)

"When I was 19, taking a semester off from college and working downtown, I rode public transportation on most days of the week.

My daily trip included both the Metro rail and the bus, and often meant I would walk home alone from the bus stop at night.

Since my surroundings were quite familiar to me, I never really anticipated danger lurking nearby, but one evening it seemed to be.

Immediately after leaving the bus on this particular night, I walked, as I usually did, by a neatly trimmed row of bushes near a fenced parking lot, and I was startled by the gravelly voice of a disheveled and suspicious looking man on the other side of the bushes.

He said he wanted me to wait for him so he could talk to me; instead I crossed the street and kept my eye on him. I saw him climb into a beat up vehicle, and pull out of the parking lot, driving fast towards my side of the street.

He slowed down, honked, then yelled something angrily out his window, so I panicked and desperately looked for a way out, a car, another pedestrian- anything, but of course as stories like this go- no one seemed to be around that could help me in case serious trouble ensued.

I ran across the main road again and considered venturing up a steep hill and into a nearby church to safety while at the same time I observed him speeding up to a U turn area to come over to my side of the road again. I continued to keep watching him- as he continued to keep watching me.

From what seemed out of nowhere, a cab came crawling along the right lane of the highway, and it stopped; I didn't hail it. It stopped.

The sweet faced driver asked in his musical, Jamaican accent, "Do you need a ride somewhere?"
I gratefully hopped in, ducked down, and told him my address.

Okay, I know this doesn't seem that out of the ordinary, but I lived in the suburbs. Cabs just weren't a regular presence in or around my neighborhood. It was odd. Good odd.

And after this kind driver took me to my home, he said that I didn't have to give him any money for fare. When I insisted, he relented, smiled, and charged me one dollar. One dollar.

And so you see, though it may give others pause to hear me tell it, I conclude that I came into contact with a special being that day- could have been just a nice man seeing my duress and wanting to be helpful- but I choose to believe it was more than that."

If you have a miracle to share, it's easy to participate.

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Have a great Miracle Monday!

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Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Laura's story sounds one of such divine interference. I love it. I will post my miracle in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it definitely seems like Laura received divine protection that night. Thank God!

Way More Homemade said...

I agree. I've encountered my own angels in life. Thank the Lord for them.

Rebekah said...

That gave me goose bumps

My Goodness said...

Wow! Laura was definitely being looked after and protected that night...just think of how many times it has happened and we didn't even know it! :)

Jaina said...

That is a beautiful story. Things like that always give me the a good way. One of my favorite stories is in a book about a guy who becomes quadriplegic in a surfing accident. My favorite part is actually about his younger brother who isn't able to go in the ambulance (because of space), and how he is found and cared for that day by a nice woman on the beach. He never saw her again, but is convinced she was an angel. I think maybe that cab driver was Laura's angel.

Anonymous said...

I'm always thankful the angels that watch over me. Especially those that work overtime!

Anonymous said...

I'm always thankful the angels that watch over me. Especially those that work overtime!

Debra said...


Praise the Lord she was safe and thank God for sending her the angel to watch over her. Thanks for sharing!! Blessings to you today.

Lisa said...

Gave me chills - what a story!

Laura said...

Miracle Monday is a great idea.
Thank you for re-posting this story.
I am honored that you consider it worthy.