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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Festival of Lights

Last night we went to Tanglewood to see the Festival of Lights. Tanglewood has been putting on this display of lights for 16 years now and they claim it is one of the "most spectacular light shows in the southeast". Having never been to a light show I think I would have to agree!

As I've mentioned before I have been trying to institute some new family traditions this year now that the kids are a little older and might actually enjoy them. So we decided we were going to take them. But my husband has been really busy at work lately and we kept having to put it off and put it off. (We didn't want to go on the weekend because we heard the lines get really long.) Last night was our last chance to go before our Christmas travels and we finally made it!

The kids were in awe looking at all the beautiful light displays. Peter would say, "Cool! That's awesome!" and then Sarah would pipe in with "Yeah! That's the most awesomest!" We like to call them "Pete and Repeat" because she loves to imitate her older brother!

Since we got a late start we weren't able to stop at the hot chocolate stand or roast marshmallows but next year we are going to leave early enough to do that. Peter declared this is the best place ever! He even said he wanted to come back next year. And so a tradition is born...

I tried to take pictures of some of the light displays but my camera just doesn't have what it takes...

So, here is a picture I took of me and the kids as we were driving through the park. (We let them sit on my lap so they could have a better view of the lights. They may have enjoyed that just as much as the lights.)

If you would like to see some good pictures of the light display go here and click on the link at the bottom of the page. Most of the lights were animated (guess that's the right word to use...anyway...they moved) so it's hard to get a good idea even from these pictures of how cool the displays really were.)


jennwa said...

I love Tanglewood too. My kids had a blast looking at all the lights.

Unsweet T said...

Hey, Beth! This is Nancy down in Charlotte. Christie told me about your blog. JT and I took the kids to see the Holiday Festival of Lights down in Charleston last month. They loved it, too!

Merry Christmas!


Beth Cotell said...


Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog! Please come back often and tell JT "hey" for me!

Ahhhh, Charleston! I love that town! I really need to get back there. We will some day...


Corey~living and loving said...

what a wonderful tradition to start. :) I blogged about visiting the lights as well. We just love it! :)

Enjoy seeing the photo of you and your pete and repeat. :)

Pam said...

Pete and Repeat! FUNNY!!!