Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm finished...

...Christmas shopping that is! I think anyway. My goal was to be done with all my shopping by December 1st. I failed but at least I am finished now.

I cringe every time Peter or Sarah mention something that they are so sure they are getting from Santa Claus because of course, it's not something that I have bought for them.

Christmas morning could be grim around these parts. The kids better appreciate everything they get and they better not moan and groan about the things they didn't get or I may just take their toys and give them away. So there!

Next up? Christmas cards.

Will the fun ever end?



jennwa said...

I can stand when my kids change their minds about their presents. Especially if what they ask for cost less than what I have already bought.

Grandma T said...

I was that, I kept pictures of all gifts bought for the grandkids. If they changed their minds, I showed them the pictures...."sorry sweet loves, but this is what Grandma has for you. I love you."!!!

Family O'Foxes said...

I got 98% of my Christmas cards in the mail this week. Those ones I still need to finish I need to put the kids school picture in those ones.

Today I'm going to do the Adopt-a-Grandparent service project. Maybe when I'm done with that I'll finish up my Christmas cards.