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Friday, May 7, 2021

Now is not the time to be cleaning out the basement!

I'm not sure why I chose this time of year to start to clean out the back room in the basement but I did and here I am.

"Where exactly are you?" you might be asking.

Well, let me tell you. It's that weird time of the school year where things are wrapping up and schedules are weird because of AP exams, awards days, graduation preparation,field day etc. and I'm feeling all angsty about everything like I normally do when the end of a school year rolls around. This year is even worse because I have a junior and a senior and I'm feeling all "woe-is-me-the-end-is near". So throw in a basement full of random weird things that need to be thrown away or sent to Goodwill and I'm once again feeling all of my emotions.

And when you are all up in your feelings, it's probably not the best time to sort through and recycle a giant tub of stuffed animals, old Halloween costumes, your son's tiny first communion suit, your daughter's favorite doll baby and other random things that probably should have been dealt with years ago. So, that's where I am.  

I started this basement project last week but before you think we have two weeks worth of stuff to clean out I will assure you that we don't.  Cleaning out the basement is very boring and just a little sad so I've been taking my time.  30 minutes here, 1 hour there, two days avoiding the whole thing and that's how you end up having a semi cleaned out basement after two weeks.  

I would love to show you before and after pictures but I didn't take any before I started and I'm not anywhere near finished so that would be anti-climactic.  I guess I could take a work-in-progress shot but I don't want you calling the producers of Hoarders so you'll just have to use your imaginations!

And because I don't like a post without a picture, here's a shot of  my backyard tree looking all pretty and spring like!


Gigi said...

Yep, now is not the time to be going through all those memories. But, I will say, taking it on in bite-sized chunks IS the way to go.

Billie Jo said...

Your backyard is beautiful!
And hugs for your mommy heart.
Those emotions are sure to come, and you handle them anyway you can.
Trust me, I just went through all this with Peyton getting married!

Busy Bee Suz said...

When those tasks have to be done, they HAVE to be done whether your heart wants to or not.

Ernie said...

We did a big basement purge over the summer and it was bittersweet. Chuckling that you fear we would call hoarders on you. Your secret is safe here. I have to get around to putting Tanks grad video together. Talk about memories. No idea when thst is going to happen. I fear my computer storage disarray is worse than your basement. Good luck.