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Friday, April 30, 2021

The end is near.

I posted this picture on my Facebook page with the caption, "We are a month away from graduation and I'm not going to lie - I am already feeling all the feels."

While I am excited and happy for Peter, I have been a little melancholy this week. With Senior Retreat last Friday, and prom last Saturday, and the Senior BBQ on Wednesday, and then this sign showing up in our yard, and then Cupcake Day today*, and Hawaiian Shirt Day** next Monday, it feels as if the end is coming so quickly. 

I remember preschool and early elementary school days. They were good/hard/tiring days that seemed to move at a snail's pace.  We went from one milestone to the next but time moved slowly and then,seemingly after one long blink, we were already finished with middle school and high school was upon us and we hit warp speed at that point.

I can still remember when Peter turned 9 and Dan said, "He will only be at home with us for 9 more years." At the time I remember thinking, "What's the problem?  Nine years is a lifetime!"  

I was wrong.

Earlier this week, Peter said he was ready for high school to be over but that he was really going to miss his friends. 

And then later that evening, Sarah told Peter that she was going to miss him next year and that things were going to be weird without him.

I guess that sums it up for me too.  I'm really going to miss him and things are going to be weird.

*Cupcake Day is when all the seniors wear the shirts of the college they will be attending and they go to the guidance office at lunch to put their name and pin on the map where their college is located and then they celebrate with a cupcake. (I stole this photo from the school's Facebook page.)


**Monday marks 21 days left of class for the seniors so the seniors will all be wearing Hawaiian shirts to school and will get a Kona ice.


Gigi said...

Wow. It does happen fast doesn't it? I remember once mine started kindergarten, the years seemed to race by. And by the time he hit high school it seemed like those four years went by in one. Yes, it will be weird when he leaves for college. Sending hugs, wine and tissues...

Madeline said...

That cupcake day is a fun tradition! And Hawaiian shirt day too. So glad he can embrace the fun, but seriously so nuts he's all ready to graduate! I will praying for you during this time of transition.

Mari said...

I love the idea of cupcake day! I remember feeling the same as you when my kids graduated. It was worst with the youngest who was joining the army. Hugs to you!

Billie Jo said...

Oh yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Those elementary years seemed so slow and graduation...and weddings...seemed so far away. I was sad this week too, thinking that Peyton is on her own now. How? Enjoy the next few weeks, dear friend. You have done a darn good job!

Ernie said...

Yes, where did the years go? Tank was my only tearful kid at preschool drop off. The rest were happy to be out of the chaos at home. It's an exciting time and a weird time. Lots of emotions. Tank graduates May 17th. Our house will be quiet without my Tank come fall, sort of.

Pam said...

Wow, he is so grown! My daughter is 26 and I can't believe that either. Where does time go?