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Monday, May 17, 2021

What we've been doing and a tea party!

Thursday was Krispy Kreme's Free Dozen Day for all 2021 graduating seniors.  As soon as Sarah got home from school she suggested that we go pick up Peter's donuts.  Guess she was hungry.

So the three of us piled into the car and headed towards Krispy Kreme.  I told them it reminded me of the good old days when I used to have to drive them both everywhere.  Ahhhhhh....remember all the blog posts lamenting the fact that I was always driving us somewhere?  Well, those days are over and I definitely miss them.  

When we got home, I had to take a picture of Peter with the donuts.  He must love me because he did it without too much complaining.  (Lest you think he's an angel, there was some complaining...but I've heard worse.)

I was excited when I realized that it wasn't just a box of glazed donuts.  There's nothing wrong with glazed donuts - especially when they are free but this box contained THREE cream-filled and then a mix of glazed and iced with sprinkles.  So yummy! 

On Friday, I made this magnificent avocado toast for lunch.  I loaded it up with tomatoes, feta, and balsamic glaze.  It was delicious!

On Friday night, Peter watched a high school baseball game with friends and then spent the night with them. He was home in time on Saturday morning to help Dan mow the yard.  Sarah has a lot of projects and homework so she spent the day working on that and I spent some time in the basement.  I'm starting to make some good progress!

On Saturday evening, we all headed to mass and then Sarah went to High Point to meet friends for dinner and a sleepover.  Dan, Peter, and I headed to downtown Winston-Salem for dinner.  They had the streets blocked off so that restaurants can put tables on the sidewalk to expand their capacity.  The sun was shining, people were out and about (without masks thanks to the new relaxed mask mandate from our governor), there were musicians in the street and it almost felt like pre-covid days.  

On Sunday afternoon, I joined some friends for a tea party at the Holt House (built in 1834) to raise money for a new charity organization that will be helping local families pay for adoption expenses.

We enjoyed the tea party treats, bid in a silent auction, and learned more about the mission of this new charity.  It was a really fun afternoon.

Beautiful flowers decorated our tables.

Lisa,Beth, Kim

The beautiful place setting an menu.

The canapes selection.

The patisserie selection.

I had a perfectly lovely weekend.  I hope you did too!


Gigi said...

It's been EONS since I drove Man-Child around and I STILL miss it. Our best conversations happened in the car.

Mari said...

Love the pic of Peter and the donuts! I miss driving kids around too - who would think we would say that?
Your event at the Holt house looks like so much fun and so beautiful!

Billie Jo said...

Those donuts!!!!
The tea party looks so lovely!!!
How fun.
Have a good week, my friend!

Pat Birnie said...

It sounds like a pretty perfect weekend. I have to say we are a wee bit jealous of your freedom; up in Canada, where we are still masked & locked down:(. Ahh we will get there. The tea party looks amazing and I love the charity. That kind of assistance for adoption is so needed.

Ernie said...

Oh that tea party. It looks so pretty. I, too, love the cause. This makes me realize how fun it will ve to go to events again. Soon, I hope. What a fun and productive weekend. I have had some great conversations in the car but since dancing is still 3x a week. 25 min one way, I cannot yet say thst I miss it.