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Thursday, November 9, 2017

And the winner is...

Peter has a half day today and no school tomorrow.  Sarah has a regular day of school today and a half day tomorrow.  Have I mentioned before that having the kids at two different schools with two similar yet different schedules is a little maddening?  How some of you do it with 3 kids or more at 3 different schools or more is beyond me!  Although, I will admit that as soon as I got both schedules last year in the spring, I immediately put them into my digital calendar. That has been a huge help when scheduling appointments and I am still patting myself on the back for being proactive for a change.

Anyway, that long paragraph to let you know that because it was my day to drive carpool and I have to be back at Peter's school by noon to pick him up, I decided to hang out in the town where his school is.  And that has led me to the Starbucks at Target with my lap top.

And y'all, I am pleased to announce that now that horrible pumpkin spice everything season is coming to a close, I am drinking a Peppermint Mocha!!!!

I had whipped out my last remaining Starbucks gift card to pay for it when the cashier/barista informed me that her computers were down and the drink was on the house!!

Woo hoo!!  Dreary Thursday morning made! 

I would also like to report that the Target I normally go to is slowly turning their snack bar into a Starbucks.  And I say slowly because it has taken two months to date.) This could be dangerous on the old budget and waistline because I am going to feel the need for a pricey and high calorie coffee drink every time I go in.  Although, I suppose I could probably settle for a regular (read much cheaper) coffee when I'm feeling the need to browse the Target aisles with a coffee in my hand. 

Once I'm done computing, I plan to head over to the Hearth and Home by Magnolia section to see all the Chip and JoJo goodies that are available.  Although I will admit that on Sunday when the line went live in stores, I bought something online that I had been eyeing (because, yes, I checked out some blog posts with sneak peaks at all the merch).  Hopefully it will be here soon!

Someone just came in and ordered a Caramel Latte Brulee with extra caramel and extra drizzle. And the poor cashier/barista keeps giving away free drinks.  This Starbucks is losing money today with their broken computer.  That's at least the 10th drink she's given away free in the last 20 minutes. 

Ok.  Where was I? 

I have tallied all the comments on my blog and on my blog's Facebook page regarding the ladle vs. no ladle debate that has been raging in my household.  (Ok, raging may be a bit much.  How about "discussion that comes up as dinner discussion when I serve gravy"?)

Several people commented but never officially went #TeamBeth or #TeamDan so I did not include them in the tally.  And the winner is:


Boo.  Hiss.

8 people sided with my husband and only 5 sided with me. 

My friend Jeff said "I THINK a boat with an attached plate is intended to be used with a ladle and one with a detached plate is meant to be poured. One for pouring is likely to have a handle so as not to burn the hands if it's hot."

That makes sense to me.  So I guess I will be reluctantly purchasing a ladle for gravy nights.

How do real writers get any work done in a Starbucks?  Currently there is a training session going on.  There is a manager that is now training 5 new baristas on the proper way to make these drinks.  And it is very detailed. 

He's saying things like, "First I do blah blah blah BUT before I do hozee what's it, IF I have another order then I would WAIT and start doing blippity bleep on it and THEN  come back to the first order and do whatsey doodle and AFTER that go back to my second drink and......

My head is spinning And this is why you never see an old person like me working as a barista at the Starbucks. Too many steps for this old lady.  Some things are better left to the youth of this world. 

I just overheard someone say that these people are training for the soft opening of the Strabucks at my normal Target.  I THINK they said it's next Friday!  So exciting.  It's the little things....

Have a great Thursday, y'all!


Madeline said...

Well I hope you enjoy your free Starbucks! What a treat! Luckily the two school schedules is just for this year!!

Billie Jo said...

Loved this, Beth!!!
Totally living the Starbuck's experience vicariously through you. : )

me said...

Re the school schedule - I feel your pain, and I have note of hope for you - a teenage driver! My older son in HS takes his brother and himself (usually) so I only have to worry about 2 school drop offs. Makes life so much easier. (And of course the Catholic school has a somewhat different calendar the the HS, and the preschool has more random days off than I like. ) I also have one in another HS, but she only comes home every month or so, so I just need to remember which days they close off campus. Amtrak gets her home.
Hang in there - you might be wary about having a teen driver, but it's a wonderful thing for a busy mom (or a mom whose tired of chauffeuring!).

Mari said...

I'm with you this time. I'll take peppermint over pumpkin any day!!!

Maria (also Bia) said...

I was starting to think something was wrong with me because I am NOT a fan of the pumpkin spice movement. Glad to see I'm not alone.

Ernie said...

I do NOT drink coffee or anything a Starbucks would whip up. If I was smart I would be a caffeine junkie, but I hate caffeine. Nappiby is more my style, but dang . . . keep your distance if I miss my nap.