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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Dan and I have been a little stressed out for the last couple of weeks because we knew as soon as we got the Christmas tree, Wally would be all over it.  He loves to climb anything possible and he loves to knock around and chew on anything he can get his little orange paws  and he razor sharp teeth around.

So we were dreading how he was going to react to the tree.  We have some not so fond memories of Peter and Sarah with the tree and how by the end of December all the ornaments were at the top of the tree leaving bare the branches within their reach. 

I figured after Wally got done with our tree it would look something like this:

So imagine our delight when two days after decorating the tree it still looks like this:

Occasionally he will sniff around underneath the tree for a minute or two or he will sitin front of it and stare at it as if he is determining the best method of attacking it but then he casually turns and walks away from it.

The tree is very dense with a lot of branches and because of this, he can't make his way to the trunk.  And since he can't make it to the trunk, he can't climb up it. 

So far, so good.  Fingers crossed it stays this way!

And here are a few pictures we took while decorating the tree:

This little felt Santa that Dan is putting on the tree was on his father's tree when he was a little boy.  Dan estimates this ornament is almost 100 years old.  Also, it used to be red but has faded to brown over the years.

Who's that creeping behind me?

Just my sweet husband!
Sarah insisted on a photo with Wally!


Gigi said...

A beautiful tree! And here's hoping the cat (Wally is a cat, I assume?) continues to leave it alone.

And, um - not to be stalker-like - but it appears our boys attends/attended the same high school - what a small world.

Madeline said...

I think your tree looks wonderful. How cool with Dan's elf ornament! I hope he continues to pass it along to Peter!! And Wally, so funny. Glad he's staying away.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The tree looks wonderful; so glad Wally is admiring from a distance. He's such a cutie pie!