Friday, March 14, 2014


Let's see if I've got 7 in me today.  Here we go......

1.  Track season is in full swing and our first meet on March 23rd.  I can see improvements in both kids - especially Peter.  He's now able to keep up with (but not quite beat - yet) the fastest boy in his class last year.  And Sarah, well, she's always been fast! 

After each practice, both kids complain of sore muscles and aches.  But I tell them that's good for them and that they are using and improving muscles that they didn't use in basketball. They aren't so interested in that though.

2.  The track coach was watching Sarah run at practice yesterday and said, (in her awesome accent, she's from Trinidad) "What are you feedin' Sarah?  That girl is fast!"

I laughingly replied, "Um she eats a lot of bread, potatoes, ice cream and candy."

As we were leaving practice, she told Sarah to keep eating whatever it was she was eating because she's getting fast.  And Sarah looked at me and said, "Well, I'm glad someone has noticed that I gave up  ice cream and candy for Lent!"

3.  And speaking of Sarah.  Last week we were watching TV and a commercial for one of the medications for bipolar disorder came on and Sarah asked me what bipolar meant.  I paused trying to figure out how to answer the questions and she said, "Is that when one of your parents is black and the other parent is white?"

4.  We had a big wind storm a couple of nights ago and it blew a small section of the siding right off the side of our house.  So instead of painting my hallway a fresh coat of paint (to rid the current coat of paint of all it's fingerprints, grime, applesauce, boogers, etc.) this weekend, Dan will be attempting to purchase new siding and install it. 

I had to pull out all the old paperwork from when we were building the house to determine the color and brand of the siding.  I found an old invoice, did a lot of Goggling and I think I found a company that sells it.   More calls to make today to see if they have any in stock, to see if they sell to the public and to see how much this is going to cost.   At least the weather is supposed to be nice on Saturday.

5.  Peter made some fake blood a couple of days ago.  He mixed food coloring, water, and corn syrup together.  The first batch had too much blue in it and looked purple.  The second batch was a little too pink but we were almost out of red food coloring so he went with it.  He then proceeding to cover himself in the fake blood and proceeded to stage some elaborate scenes on the back patio.  If only he put this much time, effort and creativity into his homework!

6.  Here's a picture that Peter wanted me to take of him on the ladder.  You can see the piece of siding that blew of the house.  It's not that big, but Dan assures me that it really is going to take him at least half of the day on Saturday to fix it.  When I told him that it didn't look like it should take him that long, he asked me if I wanted to do it myself then. 

Well played, Dan.  Well played.

7.  I was looking through the photos on my phone and found a ton of Sarah selfie's.  Here's a cute one:

Which is way cuter than this one she snapped of me at the barber shop while we were waiting to get Peter's haircut:

Which was immediately followed by this one that I have titled  "Stop taking pictures of me or I'm never letting you play with my phone again!":

And that my friends concludes this weeks edition of 7 Quick Takes.  Head over to Jen's place for some takes with a little more pizazz.  And be sure to watch the video she's posted at #7.  It definitely made me smile.


Mari said...

Love the pictures! You should have one of Peter with that fake blood!

Busy Bee Suz said...

The pictures are very cute. :)
I'll never forget #3!!!!