Monday, January 13, 2014

Life with a tween. Learning a few do's and don'ts.

I've gotten into the habit of using all those hip and cool abbreviations.  (And does it make me even less hip and cool that I am calling them hip and cool?  Probs.)

You know.  I say "totes" instead of "totally".  I say 'whatevs" instead of "whatever".  I say "cray" instead of "crazy".

I started saying these as a joke around my kids since apparently many teens use these in their every day convos.  (See what I did there?)

Anywho, the other day I used the word "totes" in conversation and Peter said, "Mom?  Did you just say totes?"

"Um, yeah.  I guess I did. Why?"

And then he lit into me.  "Don't ever say totes again!  It's sounds stupid when 14-year-old girls say it and it sounds really bad when YOU say it!"


And then I accidentally said it again yesterday and I got the lecture again.


And on a related yet completely different note.  Peter has an Instagram account.  He's had one for a while now but he just got an iPod for Christmas and has recently starting posting things to his Instagram account.  Being the good mom that I am, I follow him so I can keep up with what he's posting.

But apparently I made a huge faux pas. 

I left a comment!

He came home from school one day last week and checked his account to see if his friends had liked his picture or left a comment.  When he saw my comment he freaked out.

His eyes got wide. His face turned red and he shouted, "Don't leave any comments on my stuff Mom!" 

I laughed and told him no problem.  I promised not to leave any more comments and asked if it would be okay if I could at least like his posts.  He calmed down, apologized and told me that if I wanted to leave comments I could.  I assured him that I didn't want to leave a comment if it was going to embarrass him and that I actually thought twice before I left that other comment.

And on another related yet compeltey different note.  At the basketball games on Saturday, when Sarah scored a basket I screamed and cheered and applauded like any normal slightly deranged mom would do.  Peter was sitting behind me waiting on his game to start after Sarah's finished.

"Hey, Mom.  Do NOT cheer for me like that at my game.  Okay?"

I guess all of these little things mean that my boy is growing up on me!


Mari said...

Mothers can be sooo embarrassing!

Madeline said...

I expect it is a learning curve for both of you!

Housewifespice said...

As my 14 yo says, "Same."

Busy Bee Suz said...

True 'dat yo.
I totes get your vibe here. 4 real.

I do like to say cra cra…..I do like totes. LOL The first time I heard someone say it on TV I thought she was referring to her tote bag!


Amelia Bentrup said...

Totes cray cray!