Monday, January 20, 2014


Both kids are playing basketball again this year.  This is Sarah's fifth year and I am excited to report that: SHE FINALLY GETS IT!!!

I'm not sure what is going on this year but she actually finally understands the difference between offense and defense and she knows what to do on both!

Not only is she shooting AND scoring, but she is also stealing the ball and and attempting to block shots!

This is only Peter's second year playing and he's still a little timid.  He's not aggressive on defense yet but he wants the ball and will shoot when he gets the chance.

I love watching these two play.  And the absolute best part about basketball?  It is played indoors!  (And that's a big plus for me!)

Here's some shots of this past weekends actions.

Sarah shoots!


She scores!!!!

Jumping up to block a shot.

And he shoots and scores too!!!!!

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Madeline said...

I love that you have pictures of their baskets! That's great!