Monday, April 2, 2012

Track Meet!

The kids had their first track meet on Sunday afternoon.  It was a long afternoon but we had so much fun!

Dan and I were responsible for getting the 3rd graders to all of their events.  Since Peter is in 3rd we were able to see all of his events and since Sarah is in 2nd and raced right before him, we were able to see her events as well.

My only concern was with my camera.  I had it with me part of the time, but it got pretty heavy so I put it down for most of the meet.  It was just too cumbersome to keep up with. I got a few decent pictures but for the most part, BLECH.  Just not too happy with what I captured.  It would have been easier to get some good shots if I was in the stands but as a parent volunteer, that's just not going to happen!

And they are off....

Sarah checking out her competition - a track no-no!

Pulling ahead!

And they are neck and neck!

She did it!
And they're off...

Go Peter!!!

Keep going!!!

Both Peter and Sarah raced and jumped very well and came away with a lot of ribbons.  There was also lots of time for goofing off with their friends....

3rd Grade Track

2nd Grade Track

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Anonymous said...

What a happy day! Excellent shots of the races!