Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday. Listday.

It's Monday.  Perfect day for a quick list so here goes:

1.  We went to a Winston-Salem Dash game on Friday night.  The kids are still all about the food but each game we take them to, they get a little more involved in the actual game.  Dan and Peter sat beside each other and I could hear Dan explaining different things that were going on during the game. Hopefully one of these days, the kids will love the game of baseball as much as Dan and I do.   And on of these days, we will take the kids to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. 

2.  I washed all of the downstairs windows and blinds on Saturday while Dan was mowing the grass.  I still have to do the upstairs windows but I feel like a big dirty load has been lifted off my shoulders.  I have been meaning to wash those windows for the last three years.  Have I mentioned I am a wonderful procrastinator? Hopefully it won't be three more years before I can do the upstairs windows. Although, I'm not taking any bets.

3.  Dan and I replanted the garden on Saturday.  We got a little ahead of ourselves during the warm (actually hot) weather we had in March and planted it then.  However,4 weeks later, nothing except some beet plants have emerged so we decided to start over.  Hopefully this time we will have our normal results and actually get something growing!

4. The kids had a track meet on Sunday afternoon.  I'm so proud of both of them!  The hand out ribbons based on how well you did against your teammates.  Sarah got 4 1sts and Peter got a 3rd and 3 4ths.  Even though they complain about the long track practices, I think they both have had fun.  And I am going to make encourage them to do it again next year.

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