Wednesday, October 10, 2007

To go or not to go? That was the question I didn't have to answer.

We just got back from a wonderful, restful long weekend at the beach. The weather was great and we had a wonderful time. However, I missed my 20th high school reunion. (Yes...I'm old!)

When I received the invitation to the reunion, I was torn. Part of me really wanted to go and another part of me really wanted to hide. I probably would have been more inclined to really want to go if a couple of my good friends were going. But one had a wedding in Chicago and the other was just as torn about going as I was. So, that left me trying to decide if I really wanted to pay $68 to stand in a corner with my husband marveling at how different everyone looked. Which wouldn’t have been much fun any way since my husband doesn’t know any of these people.

There are a handful of people from high school I would really like to catch up with. But in order to talk to them (if they even attended) would I have to endure endless small talk with people I didn’t really even talk to in high school? Or worse yet…would I end up alone in that corner with my husband because no one wanted to talk to me? I kept mulling these questions over and over in my mind.

The nosy part of me wanted to go just to see if the cheerleaders had gotten fat and if the football players were bald. And another part of me wanted to go just to say look…I didn’t get fat and my husband still has some of his hair!

But in the end, I didn’t have to decide. My parents were able to get a house at the beach the exact weekend that the reunion was to be held. Part of me let out a huge sigh of relief and another part of me was a little sad that I wouldn’t be able to go after all.

So, if any Black Knights from the class of ’87 happen to be reading this blog, sorry I missed you. I hope you had fun if you went.

Maybe I’ll see you at the 30th…I haven't decided yet if I'll go or not...


Cheryl Ann Roberts said...

I was torn as well. I haven't really kept up with former classmates. I've spoken to Chris Tridico and emailed Donna Hampton. And only Donna was planning on going to the reunion. If it wasn't for the NDSH reunion site I wouldn't have stumbled upon your blog which, by the way, I love!

In the end, I couldn't attend either function, so I too had a "valid" excuse. Brad Brinkley has some pictures posted from the reunion on his profile page. I'm ashamed to admit, I couldn't remember some of the faces!

You'll have to make a reunion decision soon though. I hear there's talk of a 25th year get together.....

Pam said...

I have never attended any of my reunions. I recently renewed contact with a friend who I had been estranged from in high school. The annonimity of the internet allowed us to open up and share our struggles between each other and high school in general. Now, all has been forgiven, and we are friends again, after like 15 years! (Yah, I know, that's like half my lifetime!)

Anyway, David and I went to David's high school reunion about a year ago. He went to a Christian school in Charlotte, and there were fewer than 20 in his class. I knew several of them because they had gone to college with us. Some had even served in Guam with us. It was a blast. They had been close in school, and even though years had gone by, they were still close. I have always felt closer to his class than to mine, and I didn't go to his school!

HMG said...

Just to make you feel better, I'm planning to go to my 45th, yep that's a big 4-5, next year. I've never been to one before, but ran into a couple of old classmates at a funeral (can't believe I'm starting to bury friends) and we had a good visit and they smooth-talked me into coming to the next reunion...Enjoyed your site. To quote Ahnold.."Ahll be beck" LOL

Honey said...

So I tried subscribing to your blog by email and it hasn't given me a confirmation yet! What's up with that? Does your blog not like me? Well, don't worry..."Ahll be beck" LOL!!!