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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Weekend update.

We had a nice little weekend but it included every single one of our football teams losing. 

Friday night we headed to Bishop McGuinness and saw them lose by one point.  On Saturday, Dan did yard while I did work work.  It was my first Saturday and boy was it busy in that store!  So many shoppers.  I can only imagine how busy it will be at Christmas.

While I was working, Peter attended the NC State Notre Dame game.  NC State was expected to lose as Notre Dame is in the top ten but one thing I love about Peter is that for him, hope springs eternal.  So, we were all hopeful, especially since it was a home game.  But alas, they lost after a two hour delay in the middle of the game for rain.

Peter texted us that when they evacuated the stadium, he and his friends had to run through a torrential downpour to some other friend's apartment where they waited out the delay while being drenched.  They finally made their way back into the stadium for the rest of the game. After the game, Peter posted this picture to his Instagram which had been featured on Barstoolpack's Instagram.  Can you find him?  

When we saw it, Dan said, "Of course, he's on his phone!"  Ha!  

NC State has a brand new giant jumbo tron screen and it got struck by lightening during the storm but luckily it appears to still be functional.

After I got home from work on Saturday, we went to Mass and oh, I forgot to mention, it was our 23rd wedding anniversary! Last week, I told the only thing I wanted to do for our anniversary was go to a rooftop bar downtown and have a drink.  Dan said that sounded like a good plan and we went on with our lives.

On Friday evening (day before our anniversary) Dan said that he made plans on Saturday for us to meet a coworker and his wife for drinks downtown.  Whomp whomp.  He totally forgot that it was our anniversary and that we had made a plan.  Oh well.  The rooftop bar will still be downtown and we had a lovely evening with his coworker and his wife so it was still a nice evening.

And meanwhile, UNC Charlotte, who had started off strong against Maryland, proceeded to lose their game as well. And then Sunday brought a Panthers loss and a Patriots loss and that rounded out our weekend of no wins in football!

On Sunday, Dan, Mom, and I, headed to Raleigh bright and early to take Peter to lunch.He wanted to make sure we were finished with lunch by 1:00 so he could watch the Panthers game.  We hadn't seen him in weeks and were missing him.  (I think he was missing us, too.) And Mom and Dan had not seen his new room yet and neither had eaten at the restaurant where Peter works. It was good to see my boy and get to hug his neck and talk with him in person!

Here is a picture of us on a bridge with the best view of the city in the background.

And that was our weekend!


Mari said...

Bummer about the games - next time will be better!
Happy Anniversary!
The pics of you guys and Peter are nice ones.

Billie Jo said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!
And my Steelers lost too. Really bad.
Love your family, my friend.