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Monday, November 28, 2022

Such a lovely week!

Last week was a really good one!  Sarah's professors cancelled Tuesday classes so she came home late Monday afternoon.  It was so good to have my baby home. Peter had classes on Tuesday and had social events to attend Tuesday evening so he came home on Wednesday morning.  It was so good to have my baby home.

I had a hair appointment on Wednesday morning, and the kids both had appointments on Wednesday afternoon.  Dan went into the office on Monday and Tuesday but worked from home on Wednesday. It was so nice to have a house full of noise and activity again even if it was just for a week! We even had a chance to sit around the fire pit together on Wednesday evening.  There's nothing better than a fire, some good songs, and my family all together.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving day.  The Wallers joined us again and we feasted on  jalapeno dip, turkey, ham, sweet potato casserole, hash brown casserole, broccoli casserole, slaw, deviled eggs, homemade cranberry sauce, carrot cake, cream horns, chess pie, and eclairs.  It was all so delicious but having everyone home (even all of Jennifer's kids were able to come home!) and together on Thanksgiving was the best part.


On Friday morning, we headed to the mountains to get our Christmas tree.  We tried a new place and were very happy with it.  They had a great selection in the size we wanted. We picked it out, flagged down a guy with a chain saw, he cut it, took it down the mountain for us, bailed it, and we strapped it to the top of the car and off we went!  No fuss, no muss!  Just the way I like it.

Sarah had plans with her boyfriend Friday night and Peter was watching the NC State football game so we decorated the tree Saturday. Dan had put the lights on Friday night (that's his job) and then I started working on it Saturday morning while the kids were still in bed.  Sarah got up and added her favorite ornaments and then much later in the day (after more football watching) Peter added his.  I like it when we all decorate the tree together but as the family ages, the traditions shift and change and you have to be prepared to shift and change with them.

On Saturday evening, we all went to Mass together and came home and had dinner.  Then Sarah left to hang out with the Basement.  Dan, Peter, and I watched more football and then we watched School of Rock. 

On Sunday, we had lunch at mom's and then headed to Old Salem with my brother to get some family pictures for the Christmas card.  It was windy and Peter's allergies were acting up and he was sneezing like crazy but I think we got some good shots. We had fun anyway!

And then the kids left and it was just me and Dan and the cats.  I told Dan I had finally adjusted to it being just the two of us and then the kids come home for a week and now I'm missing them all over again.  But don't despair! In just a few weeks, they will be home for several weeks and the cycling of adjusting to them being gone, and enjoying them being home, and missing them when they are gone, will happen all over again.  But, I guess that's life. I'm just going to keep going with the flow!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures of wonderful people

Madeline said...

So so glad everyone could be together! Love that you could just bask in that joy for a week!

Pat Birnie said...

It sounds like the best week, with all your family around you. It just doesn't get any better does it? My kids have been out of the house for 10 years now and I still get sad and miss them like crazy when they visit and then leave again. It's one of the unavoidable hazards of parenting and having great kids that you love and enjoy being around.

Gigi said...

That sounds like an absolutely lovely week and I am glad that you enjoyed it. Our Thanksgiving was a bit different; and although it was nice, I have to admit, I kind of missed the way we usually do things. But as you said, as the family ages traditions shift and change. I think we have to successfully navigate those changes without resentment for "the way things USED to be." Easier said than done; but certainly doable.

Billie Jo said...

What a beautiful family, Beth. Beautiful. So glad you had your babies home! It is hard to adjust to the changes, isn't it? They will be home soon, and those Christmas breaks are the best!

Mari said...

Sounds like a perfect week! Nice pictures of your beautiful family too.
And even better knowing they will soon be back again. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm so happy that you had a full house again! The kids look great.
I always marvel at you guys picking out your own tree, and I'm even more excited to know that you have Dan put the lights on it. HOW CAN I MAKE THAT HAPPEN? 😜

Christmas will be here in a hot minute.