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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Fall Break 2022

Peter and Sarah were both on fall break Monday and Tuesday!  But did they rush home to be with their mother?

Um, that would be a big NO! But that's okay.  I always tell them that whenever they want to come home, they are welcome and they can stay for as long or as short as they want.  I am happy to get them whenever I can.

So Friday Sarah stayed at school to attend the Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Dance Party at a club in Charlotte and had a blast.  She sent me this cool picture of Charlotte all lit up pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Peter stayed in Raleigh and went with his fraternity (and another NC State frat and sorority) to UNC Chapel Hill to attend a mixer with some of the greeks from there.  He said he had a really good time. And then he stayed on Saturday to attend the NC State/FSU football game.  
Sarah came home on Saturday and immediately went to Kernersville to meet a friend for lunch.  She made it home in time to join us for Mass.

Peter came home on Sunday in time for lunch at Mom's and then we went to Walgreens for our flu shots. (Hmmmm...and I wonder why the kids don't want to spend all their time with me.)

Dan and Peter and I spent the rest of Sunday watching football while Sarah met the Basement in Kernersville.  They golfed 9 holes and had dinner together.  (And for the record, I think Sarah mostly drove the golf cart but she said she did hit some balls.)

Dan decided to take Monday off since the kids were home.  We drove to Asheville and had lunch at Pack's Tavern. It was really good.  

Then we walked around downtown Asheville before heading to Chimney Rock

The views were gorgeous and we had a really nice afternoon here and then headed home.  After dinner, Sarah hung out with Cheyanne and Dan, Peter, and I watched more football.

On Tuesday, Peter had lunch with Colton and got his hair cut and Sarah hung out with one of her friends all afternoon.  Then they both headed back to their respective schools and Dan and I went to the park to walk two miles. And just like that, fall break was over.

And yes, I'm already looking forward to Thanksgiving break when I will get to see both of them again!


Billie Jo said...

Beautiful views, for sure, my friend! And I am glad you had some fun family time together. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! And then Christmas break!

Mari said...

Sarah got a very cool pic of Charlotte all lit up!
What a fun weekend with the kids and such a good idea for Dan to take Monday off and stretch it out. You got some great pictures. Now I want to go to Chimney Rock!

Madeline said...

Wow! Those views! City or trees, both stunning. Plus the view of you with Peter and Sarah... It's all full of goodness!

Colleen said...

Family is everything :) The view to the rock with the flag made my stomach drop!

Pat Birnie said...

You are smart parents for being cool with whether the kids choose to spend time with their friends or their parents - and that leads to them happily spending time with you and Dan! Now I wish we’d visited Chimney Rock when we were in your area (rather than sleepy downtown Raleigh ;). Next trip through the Carolina’s for sure!

Busy Bee Suz said...

It's so sweet that they DO make time for Mom and Dad...I'm sure it's not easy when they are both social butterflies.
I've not been to chimney rock in forever; it looks great!

Ernie said...

Looks like a very nice time. I did chuckle at the realization that they might not want to spend time with you because you schedule flu shots, etc. Very funny.

Tank had all of last week off and Mini has this week off, but her week includes two home football games which cuts into her time home. She could skip a game and go back to school later but happily she is enjoying her time there and is looking forward to it.