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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Four wisdom teeth, two college tours and alllllll the college applications DONE!

This past Friday, after all of the Harry Styles excitement, Sarah had all four wisdom teeth removed. She was originally scheduled to have them removed the Friday before the concert but she was very worried that she wasn't going to feel her best for the concert so I rescheduled.

It's a good thing I did because she is just finally starting to feel like her old self last night.  Her face was so puffy after the surgery (I don't think Peter's was that puffy) and she looked so pathetic.  I should post the pictures that she was sending to her friends after the surgery (which she doesn't remember doing). I warned her not to be texting and Snap Chatting while "under the influence" but she did it any way.  The picture that she sent Peter made me laugh out loud. 

On Saturday we took care of things around the house - laundry, cleaning, yard work, etc. and then went to Mass. We got caught up on Survivor that evening.  Are you guys watching season 41? 

I've got to be honest - I'm not loving it.  We were so excited for another season after the long break thanks to Covid but they are doing this season and I think next season differently.  They have made the time shorter - 26 days versus 39. And to make it more exciting (I guess) they've added more idols and advantages with risks and rewards and they all have lots of requirements about when you can use them and how attached to them.  Honestly, for this old lady, it's very confusing.  I can't seem to keep up with any of it.  

On Sunday, we had lunch at Mom's and then that afternoon, two cousins how I haven't seen in years, came for a visit.  My uncle and another cousin also came for the visit. It was very nice to catch up with everyone.  And it wasn't until after they left that my mom and I lamented the fact that we didn't get any pictures! :(

Sarah didn't have school Monday due to a teacher work day so we did two college tours.  Dan took the day off work so he could join us.  We headed out bright and early for the first stop of the day - NC State University!  Peter found us on Life360 and walked part of the tour with us until we got to his dorm.

After the tour we all four went to lunch at The Pit. We did manage to take this selfie:

After lunch, we dropped Peter off at his dorm and then we headed down the road to visit UNC Chapel Hill.  It was a nice tour. We did a lot of walking. The UNC campus is beautiful and bigger than I realized. If I was a step-counter (which I am not) I would have definitely gotten my steps in for the day between the two campus tours.

Sarah completed all of her college applications last week so those are done!  Can I get a "hallelujah"? The beginning of senior year is a VERY stressful time for kids and by default for parents.  But the applications are done and now we wait...and pray that she gets into her top choice. And also pray that if she doesn't, she's okay with it. Like I said - senior year is stressful! And I'm patting myself on the back as well because I got Peter's FAFSA updated and Sarah's completed.

Homecoming is this week so Sarah's  participating in all the different themed dress up days.  Sadly, though, when your kid is a senior they don't want to pose for pictures when they are wearing pajamas to school or when they are dressed up as a character.  Sigh.... so no cute pictures.  However, hopefully next week I will have a picture of her looking cute in her homecoming dress!


Gigi said...

Applications done is HUGE! I'm sorry her recovery was harder than Peter's. I guess it comes down to how much force the surgeon must use. Can't wait to see her homecoming dress! If it's not too nosy, what's her top choice?

Mari said...

Poor Sarah! That sounds miserable.
Nice that you had time with the whole family.
I'm watching Survivor! I'm so happy it's back.

Madeline said...

Poor Sarah!! I was the same way!! (And my brother was seriously eating a PBJ like moments after he got home... So unfair!)

How good to hear all the applications and FAFSA stuff and things are all set. That is probably such a relief!

Ernie said...

I watched Survivor when it first started. Maybe first few seasons, but I had no idea it was even on anymore.

I am envious that Sarah is done with applications. Mini is almost done. It has been a very challenging time at home and she has several full ride scholarships she is applying for. So much stress.

We go to see Ed at school Saturday and that should be fun. Mini thought we were going end of November not end of October. She is upset because this is one of the last weekends before applications are due. Oops.