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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Sarah's last first day.

 Sarah started her senior year yesterday so you know I had to pull out the kindergarten first day picture and do a comparison:


Praying you have a wonderful year beautiful girl!


Gigi said...

Enjoy your senior year, Sarah!

Mari said...

Wow - she's so grown up!
Hope she has a wonderful year!

Madeline said...

I hope the first 2 days of senior year were lovely!!

Siva Ram said...

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Billie Jo said...

What a precious little one who grew to a beautiful young lady!
Prayers for a happy, healthy school year!
And hugs and love for your heart, Mom!

Agnetta Murry said...

Wow! Beautiful memories and first day of school pictures over the years (of both Peter and Sarah) at your front porch.

Ernie said...

Oh my gosh - how much do I love the photo of her as a little girl. So sweet. She's a beautiful senior and excited for her senior year. All good things. *I did enjoy this post, but unlike Siva I'm not sure I would count it as the most impressive article. I can't help myself sometimes . . . being a wiseass is a part of me. ;)