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Monday, July 12, 2021

Quick visit to N.C. State

On Saturday morning, we picked up my mom at 9:00 am and headed to Raleigh.  It's an hour and 45 minutes from our house to the campus of N.C. State. 

The day was sunny and warm and it was a nice drive there.  We parked the car and then checked out all the sites on the main campus.  N.C. State has three campuses but as a freshman (and as a business major) Peter will spend the majority of his time on main campus.

We did a lot of walking and were all getting pretty sweaty (you've got to love North Carolina in July). At one point, Sarah exclaimed that she was angry about how hot she was.  I commiserated with her because being hot and sweaty is high on my list of things I don't like.

Peter enjoyed checking out the campus with us and was especially glad my mom was able to come.  He really wanted her to see the campus. 

After walking around campus for about an hour and a half, we got lunch at a great little Italian place and then headed to the school's dairy farm and got some of N.C. State's famous Howling Cow Ice Cream.

It was a really great day and Peter is even more excited than before to get moved in and start his college career next month.


Madeline said...

Glad you all had a chance to walk the campus, even if you were hot and sweaty. (Not my favorite either!)

Mari said...

Not fun in the heat but good to see it. So glad your mom could come too!

Busy Bee Suz said...

The campus looks lovely; what an exciting time for all of you. I also loathe being hot and sweaty, but here I am living the dream life in hot and sweaty Florida. :)