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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

What we've been up to...

Last Sunday, Peter left for Myrtle Beach with his friends and was gone the entire week.  And Sarah spent most of that week working so Dan and I got a good taste of what it will be like Fall of 2022 when they are both gone.  (Thankfully after 20 years, we still like each other!)

Peter had a great time and best of all (for me) he called every day and texted so that helped me and my peace of mind.

Since Sarah worked every night while Peter was gone and was hanging out with friends when she wasn't working. Dan and I enjoyed dinners at home and then twice we went downtown for drinks at Incendiary Brewery and saw some live music one of those nights. When Sarah was home in the evenings, we got caught up on Survivor.  We've been watching old seasons with her.

Isn't she the cutest?  :)

On Saturday, the three of us went for a hike around Lake Brandt in Greensboro and then stopped by the farmer's market for treats and flowers on our way home. Saturday evening we headed to Mass and had dinner at Fourth Street Filling Station.

The flowers at the farmer's market are beautiful and cheap.  This arrangement was only $15.  You can't tell how full it is from this picture but it looks just as gorgeous from all sides.

We opened Dan's Father's Day presents Sunday afternoon when Peter got home:

On Monday I had a doctor's appointment, yesterday the kid's had dentist appointments, today Sarah has a doctor's appointment and Peter and I will be attending an online orientation Zoom session for college.  I hate that it isn't in person but online it is.  

And that's what we've been up to lately.


Gigi said...

A friend of mine whose last child is headed off to college this fall asked me for "Empty Nest Tips" because she's afraid they will be left just looking at each other. I laughed and told her that is exactly what they will do...and then they will find things to do together AND apart. Of course after a year or more of quarantine - our topics of conversation these days are pretty limited! ;-)

Mari said...

Cute pics of both the kids! I'm glad you still like each other. Bob and I do too and have enjoyed the time with just the two of us.