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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

More Senior fun and a quick trip to Oak Island.

On Friday morning, Dan,Sarah, my mom, and I, loaded up the car and headed to Oak Island, NC for a long weekend.

Friday was the last official day of school for the seniors so Peter decided to join us on Saturday. I was a little bummed at first when he said he would join us later but I'm so glad he did.  He didn't want to miss his last full day with all of his friends, and what a day it was!

All the seniors decided to meet at the football field for "Senior Sunrise" and they watched the sun come up together as a class.  How cool is that???  Here is a picture that Peter texted me at 6:15 am:

Afterwards, they went to get breakfast and then headed back for the last day of class.  Everyone brought baguettes to leave on the Dean of Students desk as their senior prank. They also left baguettes all around the school.  He is from France and prior to becoming the Dead of Students was the french teacher, hence the baguette prank.

There was a home baseball game on Friday night and a lot of the seniors have been attending the games since football season was screwed up and no spectators were allowed.  There was a tailgate with corn hole and pizza and a bunch of the seniors attended the game. Peter had a great time and then after the game went back to a friend's house with a bunch of his other friends to watch one of the NBA playoff games.  So, while I missed having Peter with us on Friday, he was exactly where he needed to be!

We had a lovely afternoon on the beach on Friday and then headed to dinner at Frying Pan and then relaxed before bed.

View from the condo.       


On Saturday morning, I enjoyed two of my favorite things together; coffee and an ocean view:

Peter got up early  and made the almost 4 hour drive and was able to join us in time for lunch.  Then we spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach until it was time to head to Mass.



Tossing the football

After Mass, we headed to Fishy Fishy for dinner.  The wait time was long so we walked around Southport for a bit.

And then on Sunday morning we got up, ate a delicious breakfast prepared by my mom (and I just realized to took zero pictures of her - sorry, mom!) and then headed home.

It was a quick long weekend but we enjoyed it immensely.

And now the next few days are going to be crazy busy. Peter is currently finishing up his last exam, even as I am typing this. Tomorrow he has graduation practice.  The Baccalaureate Mass is Thursday  night.  Class Day is Friday morning.  Dan's sister arrives on Sunday. Sarah starts work. My mom's birthday is Monday.  Graduation is Tuesday evening. 

ACK!!!!  And yes, I purchased some waterproof mascara because I know there are going to be some tears.


JotSplash said...

The baguette prank was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

Gigi said...

Oh my - you are heading into a VERY emotional few days - keep the tissues close at hand. If they still the Baccalaureate Mass like they did when Man-Child was there it is a beautiful (yet weepy) service. Where are they holding it this year?

Mari said...

What a fun time! I think Peter's class sounds pretty awesome, from watching the sunrise to the baguette prank!

Ernie said...

This is a busy time. I, too, love the senior prank. So funny. Enjoy the graduation and all the ceremonies that go along with it.

Madeline said...

So glad you were able to take some time away to relax before all the goings on. That is a wonderful and classy senior prank! Glad your waterproof mascara is ready to go!!

Pat Birnie said...

Love the senior prank; they sound like a great class. I continue to be a wee bit jealous hearing of travels south of the border. I hope we aren’t too far behind in Canada, but nothing is opened up yet in Ontario. I’m like you -nothing like a coffee enjoyed while watching the ocean (well, maybe a glass of wine while watching the ocean!).