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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Lazy days of summer....

It's been pretty slow and lazy around here since we got back from the Cape.

The week after we got back, the kids had swim practice and Peter had football workouts and on Friday, July 19th we had the county swim meet.  Our pool was host this year.

Here are my little ducks right before the meet:

Sarah, Cheyanne, Peter, Colton
Okay, I guess they aren't so little in this latest picture. Here there are in 2010 - NINE YEARS AGO!

Peter, Cheyanne, Sarah, Caity, Cody, Colton

This picture is also from 2010.  My sweet babies!

This is our tenth season on the swim team and will probably be Peter's last.  Sarah will probably go until she graduates but Peter's over it.  I do appreciate him swimming this year even though he didn't really want to.

The football team is having a mini-camp Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and then regular season practice starts on Thursday.  He will get his pads and the real fun begins.

He is really excited about this season and has worked hard at all the summer workouts.  I hope he gets a good amount of playing time this season and hopefully he will.  That's a nice benefit of a small school - they need everyone!

I'm just praying that he and the rest of the team stay safe -  no injuries!  (Is there a patron saint of football players?  Perhaps I need to google that!)

In other news, Dan and I have been  enjoying regular Sunday evening date nights.  We go to a restaurant about 5 minutes from home and enjoy a drink, maybe an appetizer if we are feeling crazy and conversation.  It is the highlight of my week.

Baked pimento cheese.  
Dan and I did have a double date this past Saturday.  We went to CinCin Burger Bar with Jennifer and Quinn.  The kids were at the end of year swim team party and since they drove themselves and don't need us there - we went out!

My fun was interrupted when Sarah called me crying complaining that she hurt her knee again.  Peter took her home and she was icing it when we arrived.  She said it hurt worse that when she originally hurt in in St. Augustine but thankfully it seems to be healing much more quickly than that last sprain.  She's been icing it and wearing her brace and hopefully is on the road to recovery.

Our tomato plants are doing their job and we've been having BMT's and giving away a ton of tomoatoes and I even made a batch of spaghetti sauce:

Aren't they pretty?  We've got Cherokee Purples, Mountain Prides, Better Boys and some sort of yellow/orange variety.  We thought we had two Cherokee Purple plants but alas, the fruit was yellow/orange so apparently it was mislabeled at the farmer's market. Makes for a pretty picture though!I've

I've also canned some jalapenos and there are more coming!

And that my friends, is all we've been up to.  It's been kind of a lazy summer so far but it's going by so fast.  School starts in exactly 22 days and it feels like summer just started.  I remember when the kids were little and summer seemed to drag by.  Now I can't get it to stop. 

The days are long but the years are short....


Ernie said...

Love the swim team pics showing the passage of time. I have many of those. This is our first year in about 10 yrs that we had no swimmers. No swim team. Honestly we keep so busy that I cannot even remember how we fit it in last summer. BTW my fav swim team is a few days after Lad accidentally shaved a whole strip off of the middle of Tank's head- like reverse mohawk. Tank has his head tilted at a weird angle in the pic to try to hide it. I, too, hope Peter has a great, safe season!

Madeline said...

Lazy summer days are the best. I am so envious of your tomato harvest. I am glad you appreciate them and are enjoying your BMTs. I cannot get over how big your kids are. Seriously. Hope Sarah's knee is healing up well!

Gigi said...

Nine years makes a HUGE difference; doesn't it?

FYI, St. Sebastian is the patron saint of athletics. And I hope y'all have as great of a year as they did last year. Man-Child isn't coaching this year but I'll still have a peek at the scores.

Mari said...

Oh my - 9 years sure makes a difference!
Your tomatoes look so good! And I love what you've been doing with them.

Busy Bee Suz said...

It's amazing what 9 years can look like!
I hope Sarah's knee is ok; poor thing.
Your tomatoes are SO pretty!