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Friday, December 21, 2018

My little Tiger Cub is all grown up now!

This is a picture of Peter wearing his Tiger Cub uniform.  He was in first grade.  It was September of 2009 and he was ready for his first meeting as a Cub Scout.

Last night, Peter had his Eagle Scout Board of Review.  He went into a room with three adults from the Hickory Council and was questioned for almost an hour about his project, his time in scouts, his views, his leadership, his activities, his morals, etc. 


All of the official paperwork things have to be done on the councils end but hopefully on Boy Scout Sunday in February he will be awarded his Eagle Scout rank.

It has been a long NINE years from start to finish. In between all the fun activities and the meetings and the trips there was a fair amount of complaining (because y'all getting to Eagle definitely requires work) but he did it!


charlene said...

Congratulations to your son. I'm Committee Chair to a Troop here in a Missouri and have a Life Scout. We are working our way to Eagle.

He will look back later in life at his time of being a Scout fondly. Again, congratulations to him.

Ernie said...

Way to go, Peter! Very impressive! I sometimes feel guilty that I didn't allow my boys to do scouts. Our school did it after school and it was against my rules to do anything that meant they would miss the bus home. I could not justify waking several kids up from naps to go pick up a kid. When Lad was little I was sitting for my niece, who is Mini's age. I did not have enough seats in my minivan for us to go somewhere after school. I had to have the school kids in the school building before we could leave the house. This was ions before I drove the great-white - my 12 seater Chevy express, looks-like-a-painter van.

Michelle said...

Wow!! Congratulations!!