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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Mid-week ramblings...

Peter starts his in-car driver's ed this weekend.  I'm glad for him but a little nervous for me.  While waiting for him in the car rider line at high school a week or so after school started, I noticed another student approach his mom's car and instead of getting in the passenger's seat, his mom hopped out and he got in the DRIVER'S SEAT.

And then it hit me.  Once Peter gets his permit, he is going to WANT to drive.  And not only want to driver, but HAVE to drive in order to actually get his license when he turns 16.

I will admit that I did start to sweat a little at the thought of him driving me around and I just can't help but to think that my newborn can't be ready for all of this because I know I'm not.


In other news, I made this yummy broccoli salad the other day for lunch:

I even made the delicious lemon poppy seed dressing that goes with it.  The recipe is here if you are interested. The only change I made was using Splenda instead of sugar and I left out the almonds because I didn't have any.  It was really good and it's very filling.   

It's fall so that means Sarah is swimming.  I wish we could do it more than two nights a week but our schedule and my sanity don't allow for it.

Peter is enjoying his high school.  In fact, yesterday on the way home from school he even said, "I like my high school!"  When I asked him what he liked about it he said, "The fact that there's so many kids, (only about 400 in the whole school but compared to his middle school where there were only about 60 it seems big), the teachers, and the cafeteria (they have Taco Tuesday with all sorts of different Mexican treats weekly so what's not to love!). 

Dan's been in Tucson this week so guess what that meant for me last night? 

I got to watch This Is Us in real time instead of watching it the next day like I normally do!  Gosh, how I love that show!

Last night's episode did not disappoint.  Except now every time I see Jack, I think I know how it's all going to end. But knowing this show, it's not going to be anything like I expect!

That's all from me for now.  There's a load of laundry in the dryer just begging to be put away! 

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Madeline said...

Oh I know. That ending got me so so hard. Driving! That seems so grown up. I can only imagine. Before this weekend have him sit in the driveway in your car and practice turning it on/off and all the blinkers, changing gears, etc. if he hasn't already. I felt like such a moron on my first behind-the-wheel lesson when I didn't know how to get the car out of park. (True story!)