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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Did you guys hear??

Of course you did but I would be remiss if I didn't write about it for my little family scrapbook!

Sunday was Super Bowl LI (51) and the New England Patriots were playing the Atlanta Falcons.

All week long Dan kept hearing all the predictions about how the Pats were going to cream the Falcons.  And the more predictions he heard like this the more worried he got.  Because even though my husband is a devout Catholic, a God-fearing man, and just completely full of logic and reason, he believes in Jinxes.

So he began to fret and start to talk about how the Patriots were going to lose.  (He also thinks that if he talks about how they are going to win, they will also be jinxed as well. Silly, right?)

Because the Patriots were playing, we didn't have anyone other than my brother over to watch.  And Brad knows the rules - minimal talking during the game. 

I made my delicious pepper jack pimento cheese toasts, chips and queso and meatballs.

The game did not go as we had hoped.  The first 3 quarters were extremely hard to watch.  Dan was sullen during most of the three quarters but Peter was doing his best to be positive using the logic that the Falcons scored all their points in one quarter so there was no reason the Patriots couldn't do the same!

And, well, you all know how that turned out!  A neighbor behind us even set off fireworks after the game so we went outside and yelled like a bunch of rednecks!

While I am very glad with the outcome, I do feel like the NFL needs to change their OT rules.  I think they just need to play a whole extra quarter - otherwise, just toss the coin and call the winner of the coin toss the winner of the game.  But that's just my two cents.

Now all that's left to do is find Tom Brady's jersey!

When my brother is in charge of the camera, there will be a lot of outtakes!

Dan's brother who still lives in Massachusetts sent us these cool shirts. Aren't we cute?? 


Madeline said...

I'll be honest with you, I went into the game rooting for the Falcons. I am not anti-Patriots, but Julio Jones has been my fantasy football star for two years running. (Tom Brady and Matt Ryan were my quarterbacks so my fantasty football team had a great showing on Sunday!) It was a fun game to watch! I am glad that it wasn't the run away game they predicted. Kept me on my toes and I am so happy for you guys! I was thinking during the game it was probably good you weren't at a party. But yes, I think they should play a whole other quarter in overtime for the Super Bowl! (If they need to, though 50 years of not needing OT suggests they probably won't change the rule.)

Mari said...

What fun! I was working a double shift so no football for me, but I'm not really a fan anyway. Glad Dan's team won! I like the t-shirts!