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Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend Update.

We had a busy weekend.  Saturday was yard mowing and gardening and house cleaning. 

 Here's Peter mowing the grass:

He was very annoyed that I was taking his picture so right after this, Dan went running out with his phone and got right up to Peter like he was paparazzi.  I wish I had a picture of Dan running out there.  It was hilarious.

And here's my girl making blueberry pie for Sunday lunch.  It was really good.  Her new job every week is making dessert for Sunday lunch. We eat at my parent's house every Sunday after Mass.  Sarah wants to bake and my mom would love not to have to make dessert every week so I offered up Sarah's service. So far it's a win-win! 

On Saturday evening we headed out to see the Winston-Salem Dash play a little baseball.  There was a storm passing though so the game started 45 minutes late. 

I forced the kids to pose with Bolt the mascot while we were waiting because I knew they would love that.  HA!!

Look at that!  No forced smiles.  And its because Peter knew he was getting rabbit ears and it made him laugh.

 Me and my girl!
My men before the game.

The game went into extra innings (twelve total to be exact!) but we persevered because we wanted to see the fireworks after the game.  The Dash have the best fireworks so we always make sure we go to a game with fireworks at the end.

Sunday was Mass, lunch at my parent's house with this for dessert:

Dan and I took naps on Sunday afternoon because we didn't get home from the baseball game until 12:30 AM!  That was late.  (My twenty-something self would be rolling her eyes at me with that last statement.  I guess it's official - I'm old!)

And for diner (I don't ever cook a real dinner on Sunday because we have a huge lunch and because I'm pretty lazy) I made some bruschetta melts.  I followed this recipe. 

They turned out really well.  However I made a couple of changes. I used herbed goat cheese instead of cream cheese and didn't use as much mozzarella.  I also added some balsamic glaze.  I will definitely be making these again.  I wish I could say that I used tomatoes from our garden but they are all still green.  It's driving me crazy because I'm ready for BLT Sunday!  At least the basil was from our garden. 

I wish I had a pan of these right now!

This morning we had swim practice.  We are getting ready for the county meet on Friday and Saturday. 

I dropped the kids off at home after swim practice and went to the grocery store.  And now it's already 1:30, I'm doing laundry and have a lot of other things I need to accomplish this week.

We leave for Cape Cod on Saturday and (fingers crossed) we are starting a kitchen remodel.  More on that later.  Until then, I really need to clean out my fridge and some cabinets!

Happy Monday, y'all!


Joy said...

Sounds like a very fun, very full weekend!

Thanks for the recipe; actually all the recipes you have been sharing recently!

Madeline said...

I love the picture with the mascot! Genuine smiles on teens are to be celebrated! Awesome weekend and I can't wait to hear about your kitchen.

Mari said...

I love that Sarah is baking like that. I pie is a great accomplishment at her age. She's really growing and is such a pretty young lady! Love Peter's expression on the mower, and the nice smile with the mascot. :)
Enjoy your trip. Can't wait to hear more on that remodel!