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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Break.

We had a very relaxing Thanksgiving.  The kids had the whole week off but  Dan only had Wednesday through Sunday off.  Sarah started the week off with a sleepover.  Peter was supposed to have one too but that didn't work out.  (But don't worry - he'll pester me until he gets one!)

Wednesday was spent preparing for Thanksgiving.  I made a couple of dishes to take to my mom's house.  She and my dad were taking care of the meats and most of the other sides. 

Thursday was spent resting and eating and relaxing with my family and my best friend's family.  And even though I took my camera, I did not take one single picture. 

We headed to the mountains on Friday to pick out our tree:

Please pretend that Peter's eyes are open!
Then we came home and decorated the outside of the house:

And on Saturday, Sarah's Girl Scout troop was in the Midway Christmas Parade:

After the parade, we finished decorating the Christmas tree:

On Saturday evening, Dan decided he wanted to make Laura Bush's Hot Chocolate so he and Sarah did just that.  Here he is with Peter and Sarah enjoying some really rich and tasty hot chocolate:

On Sunday we headed to Mass then met my brother for lunch at P.F. Chang's (yum!) and then came home to finish homework and watch football. 

And, yes, I stayed up until Midnight to watch the Patriots lose to the Denver Broncos. 

And that my friends was how we spent our Thanksgiving break!


Billie Jo said...

Beth, what an absolutely perfect, cozy, festive family weekend.
I enjoyed spending it with you all!
Love the family love in all you do.
Have a wonderful Advent season!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Wow, the kids are getting so big - and yet they still let you take pictures of them decorating the tree! And your husband didn't decide that Thanksgiving Day was the perfect time to complete a long-overdue painting project? I'm jealous.

Madeline said...

The best kind of weekend! I love your house's decorations. I should probably come up with some way to decorate our outside. And this week too since it will be in the 40s. I also didn't take a single picture of Thanksgiving even though I had the camera!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Sounds just perfect to me. Love that you at least took photos of everything else during the holiday week. :)
I love how you decorated the outside of your house; simple and pretty. Did you run lights through the windows or plug them in outside? One day, I want to do the same with wreaths on all the front windows. ONE DAY. :)