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Thursday, July 10, 2014


I may have mentioned once or twice that Sarah and I watched this past season of American Idol together.  And I may have mentioned once or twice that Sarah and I were rooting for Caleb Johnson who eventually went on to win.  And I may have mentioned once or twice that he's from Asheville, NC and that Sarah has a wee bit of a crush on him.

Sarah is very excited that his album is coming out in August and is gearing up to download it on iTunes.  She has an iTunes gift card she received for her birthday ready and waiting!

Last week, she came running up to me with a drawing in her hand and questioned, "Guess who this is?  Guess who I drew?"

I looked at the picture and gave my unsure response. 


I could  tell by her extreme disappointment that I was wrong.  I quickly searched my brain for long-haired types that she might be inclined to draw and immediately changed my response to, "Well, of course, it's Caleb Johnson!"

She then proceeded to search out her father and proudly showed him the picture and asked who it was.

"Um...Jesus?" was his unsure response.

Decide for yourself...


Billie Jo said...

The best.
Crying over here!

Madeline said...

Oh this made me giggle. In fairness, Caleb and Jesus do look similar.

jennwa said...

I love it !!!

Mari said...

:) This made me laugh. After seeing what Caleb looks like, I think her drawing looks much more like him than Jesus!

Elise said...

Too funny!

deborah said...

She did a great job on her drawing!

That is hilarious though!