Tuesday, March 11, 2014

OB Update

I just got back from my 35 week check-up.  Rebecca's heart rate was good and my cervix is still closed even though I continue to have contractions  all. day. long.

And she has dropped down because instead of measuring 3 1/2 weeks ahead like I did at the last check-up, I only measured 2 weeks ahead.  Which I guess has nothing to do with the amniotic fluid but it does make me feel a little bit better.

And that explains why I haven't been feeling her move as much over the last couple of days.  When she was sitting up high in the old uterus, I could feel every turn, kick, punch, jab and roll.  Now that she's lower, I can still feel her moving around but I don't feel them as frequently and they are definitely not as intense.

Dan is in Ireland and if all goes well, he will be home tomorrow evening in time for dinner.  I love it when his business trips are short!  And he was supposed to go to Dubai  in April but some other lucky duck will have to get to go in his place.  Dan was looking forward to going somewhere he's never been but I was breathing a little sigh of relief.  Dubai is just so far away.

I just Googled it - it's almost twice as far as Ireland.  Again.  That's just too far.

Well, even though it's 72 degrees and sunny outside right now, I need to get to work on our taxes.  Although I'm sure I can find something a little more exciting to do with the time I have left before I need to pick up the kids from school.

Words With Friends, anyone??  Another load of laundry?  Anything except taxes!!!


Mari said...

Yes - Dubai is too far. Glad Dan will be home soon, and will be around for Rebecca's birth! Also thankful for a good report for you!

Elise said...

Glad to hear your appointment went well, and glad to hear your husband will be home soon to be with you! And I so feel you on the whole taxes thing! ;) Continued prayers!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Taxes Smaxes. :(
Gosh, Dan travels a LOT and FAR!!!!! So glad he'll be close to home….getting down to the nitty gritty now.