Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I love that mouse and his magical pencil!

Well, today was the day.  Summer vacation is drawing to a close, the kids are bored with each other and the pool so that means it's Chuck E. Cheese time.

I don't hate going there.  Especially now that I don't have to chase the kids around.  They do their thing and I can just sit there from a centrally-located spot and observe all the crazy that's up in the Chuck E. Cheese.

I'm sure eventually my kids won't want to go.  Cody (Jennifer's oldest son) didn't go with us today...he's 13 so I guess he's too cool for Chuck E's school.

But the other five went and seemed to have fun. And the pizza tasted better to me this year than in years past.  Either they've improved their recipe or I've lowered my standards.

Oh, and of course, Sarah and I took our annual Chuck E. Cheese photo:

Go here for previous shots and see why I have lyrics from Aerosmith running through my mind now...

....the lines on my face getting clearer....




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Mari said...

What a cute picture! I love that you do this every year, And you know what? I looked at all those pictures and I don't think you change!