Friday, March 2, 2012

They might be giants.

This past Saturday, Sarah played her last regular season basketball game.

And they were playing the team of giants that creamed them in her very first regular season basketball game.

This other team is tall.  And their coach yells - a lot.  And their parents yell - a lot. (And unfortunately, not words of encouragement.) These girls are serious about their basketball.

And they were undefeated.

Sarah's team played hard.  They put a lot of pressure on The Giants and The Giants started to crumble.  Shots they normally made were missed.  Passes they normally made were dropped.

Our girls continued to play hard and the other team continued to crack.

The Giants' coach yelled louder.  The parents yelled louder.  The Giants themselves didn't understand what was happening.  They had never had another team defend them so well all season. 

Even though Sarah's team was behind the whole time and even though they never caught up, it was the best game of the entire season.

And even though we lost, it still felt like a victory.


Sarah's team won their first tournament game on Tuesday night and get to play in the championship game on Saturday.  And guess who they get to play?

Who knew 2nd grade girls basketball could be so exciting??

Getting her medal at the end of season pizza party.


Mari said...

Sounds like Sarah's team won, not only by putting the pressure on the other team, but also by being better sports!

Anonymous said...

They are, for sure, champions!!