Monday, December 19, 2011

Recap in pictures.

Sarah and Dan made gingerbread dough on Saturday afternoon - just after I placed all of the completed Christmas cards in the mailbox.  It is so good to be in the home stretch.  Now that the shopping is done and the cards are mailed, I feel like I can really relax and enjoy things!

Well, there is the minor task of packing, the two day drive to Massachusetts and wrapping every single item I bought when I get there.  But other than that, things are done!

Here are a couple of pictures of Sarah and Dan making the dough.  Peter helped them roll out the dough and cut out the cookies on Saturday evening but I was at an Ugly Christmas Sweater party and wasn't able to get any pictures of that fun.

Here is a picture of Sarah doing a cartwheel.  I'm very proud of her.  She had to teach herself because unfortunately, I never learned how to do one.

We went to Tanglewood to see the light display on Sunday night. We typically go on Friday night but it was raining so we decided to do it last night. Big mistake.

I guess everyone decided to go last night because we waited in line ONE HOUR AND THIRTY MINUTES just to make it inside the park gates.

The kids were great though. They played, laughed and joked around in the car together and had a grand old time. Dan and I were the ones that had to keep our attitudes and our impatience in check.

We saw all the displays and stopped for hot cocoa and marshmallow roasting and even though we did not get home until 10:30 (on a school night!, yikes!) we still had a good time.

And now it's off to bake something for a class Christmas party and start the pre-trip laundry and cleaning. 

Christmas is coming, y'all!  Whether we are ready or not!


Mari said...

I'm proud of Dan - helping to make the dough. My hubby wouldn't know where to start.

deborah said...

My daughter taught herself to do cartwheels, also. I never could do them either, so it always gives me this little thrill to see her execute a beautiful cartwheel! The gingerbread looks fun!

Do we get to see pictures of the ugly christmas sweater party?!!

Safe travels! We will be traveling east to Ohio in a couple days. I think the laundry and packing gets to seem like a bigger job each year. Oh well! Fun to go!