Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm sure they'll grow on me. I figure in 8-12 years anything's possible.

I got a new pair of glasses this week.  I usually wear contacts but at night after I take them out I put on glasses to give my eyes a rest.

The glasses I have been wearing are at least 8 years old.  I think I've had them for more than 10 years but my husband told me I was crazy.

But I remember when I got them.  I even remember what I was wearing.  And I remember they eye doctor's office I got them from so I am almost 99.9% certain they are over 10 years old.  Crazy?!  I think not!

I did get another pair about 5 years ago but the part that hooks over your eye (I'm sure there is a technical name for this but I don't know what it is - perhaps I should ask my husband) was oddly shaped and every time I tried to remove the glasses they were stuck to my head. 

And to make matters worse, the two little pieces that rest on each side of the nose got stuck in my hair every time I tried to remove them.  I lost a lot of hair with those glasses.  Eventually I got frustrated and went back to the 10 year old glasses.

It has always seemed like a waste to spend money on something that I only wear around the house for a couple of hours a night but the prescription was outdated so I finally decided it was time.

They arrived last week and when I put them on for the first time I was shocked at how large they looked on my face.  They didn't look that large in the store. 

And I was shocked at how dark they were.  They didn't look that dark in the store.

I suppose it was the dim lighting and the magical mirrors that made these glasses look wonderful at my eye doctor's office- much like the lighting and the mirrors in the department stores when I'm trying on jeans. rear didn't look that big in the department store...

When Sarah saw them on me for the first time, she laughed and pointed and said, "Those look funny on you!"  But I expected that from her.  She loves to laugh at me.  I often get "You aren't wearing that are you?" from her as I'm heading out the door.  (I don't remember being that frank or rude when I was 6.  Maybe I was. If so, Mom - I'm sorry.)

My husband keeps telling me that they look good.  Or his exact words are, "They look good.  Waaaaaay better than your old ones."

"Way better than my old ones?"  So does that mean that for the last 8-12 years whenever he saw me in my glasses he thought I looked...bad?

And then there's my dear sweet son Peter.  He hasn't even realized that I have new glasses yet.  I love that about him. He gets that cute little non-noticing gene from his dad yet somehow I find it less endearing on my husband.

I decided that due to their rectangular shape and dark frames, I look like a masked superhero. 

So if there's trouble in Gotham City tonight - have no fear.  Batmom will be there!


Denise said...

Woman, you are so funny, lol

Mari said...

I am sure you look great! If you would post a picture of yourself with them on, I would tell you for sure!

Pam said...


I think they are cute! And I certainly know what you mean about picking out glasses in the store, and then you get them home. This is especially bad when you don't wear contacts any more, and so when you try them on in the store, you really can't SEE what you look like. It is like some kind of cruel joke they play on poor myopics like me.

Wendy said...

We need to see them ON YOU! I just got new glasses last month after having the same pair since we lived in Memphis (um, 10 years ago). This is even worse since I'm married to an optometrist! My new ones are similar to the ones you got with the plastic frames (that makes me think of my glasses from elementary school - maybe why I refused to get some for so long) but mine are rectangle shaped and are purple. Mine too looked lighter in the office, or maybe it's just because my eyes were dilated! They've grown on me and I've even worn them out in public (Jennifer saw me at the grocery store one night with them on). The boys like them and Terry really likes them so I guess they're keepers.

beth said...

Hey you! Where is the photo of you WEARING your glasses! I'm sure they look just fine. I do know how you must feel, though. I have been wearing the same style of frames for ten years now, because I am afraid that I would hate the way I look in any other frame style. I never try anything new or different, I just go straight to the small oval frame shape.
Hope it takes less than 8 years for your new glasses to grow on you! And show us how you look wearing them! Be brave! :)

Kimberly said...

What is it with people's eyes this week? 2 of my husband's sisters had to get glasses this week. And yesterday we spent a couple of hours at the eye dr/lenscrafters getting him "all the time" glasses/contacts. This was a step up from reading glasses for him.

Are we all going blind?? And I agree with other comments...we need to see them ON you!