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Monday, July 19, 2010

What do Lao-tzu and Dairy Queen have in common?

I guess you could say I'm hooked.  I never thought I would be a runner but I guess it really is official now. 

This weekend Jennifer and I competed in our second 5k with Jamie and Beth R. (a couple of the other ladies we ran the Race for the Cure with!)  We ran the Beat the Heat which was held at 7:00pm on Saturday night.

Unlike the Race for the Cure, this race was sponsored by a running club and there were only 659 runners.

And ample parking and Port-A-Potties.

There were lots of serious runners at this race.  You know the kind.  The ones that are supper thin and super fast.  But we didn't let that stop us.  Because you have to start somewhere.

They didn't use timing chips at this race so even though my finish time was 5 seconds slower than the first race, I am subtracting at least 30 seconds (or maybe more) to account for the fact that I didn't cross the start line when the gun sounded. 

So there was a little tiny bit of  improvement in my time.  (Good!)  And I haven't been crazy sore like last time.  (Better!)  And I was able to run three miles this morning unlike after the last race when I wasn't able to run three miles again for over a week. (Best!)

So, yes.  I guess I'm hooked!  And I'm still marveling at the fact that 6 months ago I had never even run 1 mile - much less three - consecutively - and in 30 minutes

So I guess Lao-tzu was right.  A journey of a million miles really does begin with one step!

Oh, and going to Dairy Queen for Blizzards after the race is a great incentive too!

Here we are before the race getting rained on.  The rain stopped before the race started and left things nice and humid and muggy.  Oh, and aren't we cute in our matching shirts??  Our motto - If you can't be fast, be cute!
Here we are approaching the finishing line.  And yes, that's Jennifer ahead of me.  What can I say, I'm older than she is!
And here I am crossing the finish line.  Jennifer has already crossed and some other person trying to be cute by wearing pink has zoomed in front of me.  (The nerve!)


Pam said...

You go, girlz!

Chris said...

That is completely awesome!!!

Kimberly said...

Sometimes I think I want to run (farther than the fridge or bathroom)...ha ha. Then other times I think I must be crazy. Maybe you've already told this, but could you do a post about how you got started with running?

Avery & Hailey said...

You make me laugh! And yes, I agree..if you can't be fast be cute. You need a running skirt, they are fabulous. Did you get my email about the mud run. June 2011! We are there! Great job!

Tracy said...

You are too funny (and cute!) Next venture...Triathlons! They are even more fun. Keep up the good work! I am "thinking" about training for the Kiawah Marathon...we'll see. I did one 1/2 marathon (and HATED it.) So why I am even pondering a full one, I have no idea.

Mari said...

Hooray for you! I am so impressed. My daughter has been running and she is loving it too. I can't imagine that I ever would. :)
You tow look cute in your pink!

Denise said...

I am so happy for you, and proud of you.

Grandma T said...

I am so proud of you, and yes, I still want to be just like you when I grow up!!

Megan said...

You really did the thing in your life. Maybe i should try to run too but i can only run for only 2 minutes hahaha.

Carry said...

That's awesome! Well, You need a running skirt, they are fabulous.

Jamie said...

Big {virtual} pat on your back! I hope you don't mind but my running blog will probably sound similar to this because I was thinking the same thoughts about the race! Keep up the great work! Oct. will be here before we know it!

Kim said...

I am impressed! Way to go!