Monday, June 7, 2010

I fought the law and the law won.

We had a busy, busy weekend.

Sarah had her friend party on Saturday.  And yes, that means we will be having a family party this weekend.  We like to spread out the love and the parties!

I fought with Sarah over her birthday party when we were making plans.  There is Tea House nearby that hosts birthday parties and special occasions.  They send out the invites, they have tons and tons of princess gowns for the girls to dress up in, they have an etiquette lesson, they have tea with tiny sandwichs, they provide the tea pot shaped birthday cake and they send each girl home with a miniature tea set.

I thought it sounded perfect for Sarah and at six years old, I figured this might be the last opportunity for it.  But when she found out her "boyfriend" Evan couldn't come (I told her girls only at this type of party) she didn't want to do it at the tea house. 

Anyway, we fought and she won.

So we had the party at Cheer Mania.  Cheer Mania is a cheer leading gym but on the weekends the gym is filled with inflatibles, a foam pit and Ms. Debra - the best birthday party hostess ever.

So we went to Cheer Mania and had a great time.  I still would have liked to have had a tea party.  (Pout, pout.)


Corey~living and loving said...

Hey Beth! I'll have the tea party for my birthday this September. You plan it...and I'll be there. :)

oh but it does look like Sarah had a great can't beat a spongebob cake.....oh unless it is a teapot cake. sigh...

Denise said...

Glad Sarah had fun.

beth said...

Oh, how fun! Looks like a great birthday party!
P.S. I LOVE your hair. I need a haircut so bad. I may have to copy your style. :)

Mari said...

Looks like fun! I think the tea party sounds like a great idea though. Oh well - as long as Sarah was happy!

Heather said...

love Ms. Debra! and I love your hair this length Beth.
I would be pouting too about the tea party. I better make mental note to do that before boys:o)
Happy Birthday Sarah!

Grandma T said...

Neat party.....and your hair does look great!!

My Goodness said...

Looks like great fun! And look at you, hot momma!! Still doing great, I see!!

Oh...and I also see that you, too, are receiving Asian spam comments...don't you love it!?!?