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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No, feet, you are not in charge of overpriced footwear purchases around here. I am!

When Peter was a newborn, I did what all mothers do.  I counted his little fingers and I counted his little toes to make sure he had ten of each.  But I kept recounting his toes because, wow, did they ever look crammed together on his little feet.  Surely there were more than five on each foot.

But, as crammed as they appeared, there were, thankfully, only five toes on each foot.

Last week I noticed that Peter is literally bursting out of the seams of his Nike's.  We have less than two months of school left and I was hoping to get by without getting him another pair of sneakers until September. But apparently his feet have grown two sizes since the fall and don't really seem to care when I want to make another purchase.

During the summer, he hates to wear anything that has to be laced up and if he can't just go barefooted he will usually sport a pair of Crocs.  (Well, faux Crocs anyway.  Don't even get me started on real Crocs right now. I still haven't found Sarah's.  I am assuming they are in the landfill right now.  Take that, Earth Day!)

Last week at Kohl's I bought Peter a pair of Nike flip flops.  In all of his 7 years, Peter has never before owned a pair of flip flops.  He excitedly tried these on but try as he might, he could not get them on his feet.  His poor scrunched up toes make it impossible for him to wear flip flops.

I have no idea where he gets this foot deformity.  It must be from my husband because I have so much extra room between my toes that my husband jokes that it looks as if I have had toes removed.  I guess we will just add this to the list of things to blame on my poor sweet husband.

And now I am left to scour the stores once more for some suitable end of school/summer footwear for Peter because no matter what his feet think, they aren't seeing new Nike's until September.


Chris said...

I can't wear flip flops either. They hurt my toes!

I feel your pain with having to buy new shoes right now. I lucked out with Matt and found him New Balance at Kohl's and paid $14 for them. I was thrilled. He found them himself on the Clearance rack. :)

Chris said...

You should post his size here. You never know. :)

Mari said...

I can't wear flip flops either - they hurt my toes.

Annikke said...

I feel your pain too! Both of my boys are bursting out of their shoes AND jeans are getting pretty ratty. I just hate to spend a ton of money on that stuff right now with summer/warm weather right around the corner (hopefully)!

Denise said...

Flip flops hurt me too.

Kimberly said...

Try Target. The shoes aren't name brand like Nike, but would be affordable to last you a few months until school's perhaps a few months when school starts back too!

Heather said...

I want to see pics of your "toe removal"

Wendy said...

I feel your pain. I had to get Xander new shoes two weeks ago. I kept hoping for just a few more weeks. Now I'm just ready for it to stay warm just for clothing purposes because he's down to one pair of jeans since he's so rough on them and I refuse to get a new pair until back to school time!

What about some Adidas slides - you know the soccer sandals. They're adjustable and I don't think the toes would pose a problem. The kids and I love ours!

Robin hill farm said...

Why do kids feet have to grow so fast?! :)