Monday, November 9, 2009

Kids Walk

One of the benefits of doing the Shred workout this summer was that my kids got to see me working out.  They got to see me jumping, pushing, running, sweating, grunting, huffing, and muttering all in the name of being healthy and getting in shape.

And they always wanted to "take exercise" with me.  (Sarah calls it working out "taking exercise".  Isn't that the cutest thing?)

Occasionally they would try to join me but the living room was too small and the workouts were a little too complicated for them so they would always give up after a few minutes.

Now that summer is over, they are still in bed when I am "taking my exercise" so they don't get to see that I am still working out.  And they often ask me if we can do the Shred together.  And my answer is always the same, "I've already done my Shred.  Why don't you guys go outside and run around."

But earlier this week on the Exercise Channel I noticed a few workouts for kids.  So on Friday evening when they asked to Shred with me I turned on "Kids Walk" for them.

And boy did they ever get into it.  They both did the entire 20 minute workout.  Peter even grabbed my weights and Sarah, not to be outdone, grabbed some decorative pumpkins to pump.  And because Sarah has to be just like Peter at all times, she even took her shirt off when he did.  Because,you know, exercising makes you sweaty!

I'm not sure they will do the workout again but I love that my working out is making them aware of staying in shape and moving their bodies to get exercise.

And if nothing else, Dan and I were able to have a peaceful twenty minute conversation while the kids were taking their exercise!


Angelica Bays, said...

Wonderful!! What a great example ou've set, Mama!

Aimee said...

Sarah is actually very British -- my Scottish MIL says things like "take exercise," "went to hospital," and "fell pregnant" . . i.e.: "She fell pregnant right after the wedding!" Rob and I always joke about watching out for that hidden patch of pregnancy -- you might fall in! (of course, I already did!! :)

Thumbs up on the good example to your kiddos :)

Jac said...

How amazingly adorable! I love "taking exercise"!!

How cute that your exercise channel has kids workouts! I think that's an awesome idea to get kids going! (Our Exercise channel has only creepy workouts that seem fit for the 1980's... )

Jac @

Melanie said...

Good for them wanting to exercise! Your comment about Sarah wanting to do whatever Peter does is so like my two kids. Abby must always be doing just what big brother is doing! :)

Denise said...

So awesome.

louann said...

Starting them early - healthy living! Cute picture.