Saturday, April 11, 2009

It wouldn't be Easter without a few dinosaur eggs!

It wouldn't feel like Easter if we didn't dye eggs.

So yesterday I boiled up two dozen eggs, covered the table with newspaper, set out twelve tea cups, put three tablespoons of vinegar into each cup and called the kids into the kitchen.
The Paas set contains twelve dye tablets so Peter and Sarah got to choose six each. They put the tablets into the cups and started "oohing" and "ahhing" as the tablets fizzed.

After the fizzing stopped (or at least until the kids couldn't wait any longer) we added the water and then the eggs.

I tried to convince the kids to leave the eggs in for a while to insure deep dark brightly colored eggs. But kids being kids, they couldn't wait. So after the first round of eggs turned pale shades of pink and blue and purple, they put in the second round of eggs. Unfortunately I didn't divide the eggs and Sarah was blowing through the eggs more quickly than Peter.

So our picture perfect egg dyeing session ended up with lots of bickering and whining and complaining.

"Mommmmm! She's getting too many eggs!"

"Mommmmm! He's got all the dark colors!"

"She's got all the light colors."

"Well why don't you both trade colors?"


"Mom look! I'm making an egg with more than one color on it!"

"Mommy! Peter's eggs with more than one color look prettier than my eggs. I want my eggs to look like his."

And the whining and complaining and bickering continued until all of the eggs were dyed. And thanks to the fact that the kids decided to dip each egg into multiple colors, most of our eggs look like a shade of faded blah. "Faded blah" - be looking for that on an orangish, brownish, greenish Crayola crayon in a 64-pack coming to a store near you!

Next year, I think I'm going to do three dozen eggs so I'll have a dozen to do my way! Momma wants some bright bold eggs that don't look like dinosaur eggs!

Happy Easter!!

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Lee and Beth said...

I know what you mean. I always dream of making Easter eggs all pretty like Martha Stewart, but I don't have the patience. And why do the kids always have to take something that's supposed to be
fun and turn it into a bickering match? One of life's little mysteries. :)
Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter.

Denise said...

Those look awesome.

Mari said...

They turned out pretty good in spite of the troubles!

EntertainingMom said...

Yep... that's what we did! Bought 3 dozen! Next year... I'm buying 4 dozen... just kidding. Now, what on earth do I do with 36 hard boiled eggs? I like egg salad, but not for like 15 days straight!

Daisigirl said...

They look nice! We have broken 1/2 of our eggs already! I'm afraid there won't be any left to hunt by tomorrow! :0)

Happy Easter!

My Goodness said...

Faded it!

Stinks when the kids turn something 'fun' into 'bickerfest'!!

Happy Easter, Beth!

Grandma T said...

Beautiful eggs and precious memories!

Nap Warden said...

Yep...we colored way to many eggs here! Yet it still wasn't enough for the kiddos;)