Thursday, October 23, 2008

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I was looking through some old pictures the other day and came across this one.

This picture was taken in June of 2005. Sarah was 1 and Peter was 2. Don't they look adorable? So happy. So sweet. So loving.

Well, looks can be deceiving. They had been wrestling right before I took this picture and Sarah was winning.

You don't want to mess with Sarah. But that's a different post for a different day.

As I was looking at this picture, I realized that they started fighting early.

But I want these two to be friends. I want to them to grow up knowing they can count on one another.

Some days I hear Peter giggling while he's playing baby dolls with Sarah and other days I see Sarah contentedly watching Peter play a game on the computer.

But most days there is fighting, yelling, bickering, crying and occasionally hitting.

I know this is normal but it's something I hope they outgrow quickly. I want them to be able to overlook petty differences and small fights and really enjoy each other's company.

I want them to know that when Dan and I are gone, they still have family they can depend on.

I want them to remember -

"How good and pleasant it is when brothers(and sisters!) live together in unity!" - Psalm 133:1

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Melanie said...

Beth, I have the same wishes and desires for my two.. also a boy and a girl! I pray all our little ones will grow to realize what a dear friend they have in their brothers and sisters.

He And Me + 3 said...


What a precious picture. 2 peas in a pod. This too shall pass. I know, the bickering can drive you crazy. My 2 girls bicker all the time, but they have each other's back when it comes to push and shove. They love each other. It is pure joy to see all 3 of them getting along on those rare occasions. It thrills my heart!

Maggie said...

My sister, brother, and I were always arguing and fighting when we were little. But today, we are the BEST of friends!! Hope that gives you a little bit of encouragement! =)

Lisa said...

Amen....I tell my girls every day that they are each other's best friends for the rest of their lives....I hope it sticks :)
BTW - adorable picture!

Melissa said...

They are beautiful!
I agree with Maggie, when my sister, brother and I were younger we were always at each others throat but now that we are older and have kids of our own we are the best of kind. But another thing was they were closer together at times then more than they were with me, they were a year apart in age and I was 5 at the most so they may just be close because of their age like my sister and brother.

Denise said...

Such a sweet picture.

Corey~living and loving said...

I have no clue how to make your wish come true, but I certainly hope it does. :)

Mari said...

I'm sure that although they fight now, they'll be best friends when they are older.

Named Alicia said...

Cute picture! Isn't it sad looking at old pictures. I know he has to grow up, but that doesn't mean I want it to happen. I pray the Lord will bring peace to their hearts and your household. Take care, my friend!

My Goodness said...

Aw, very cute...and I agree...I want the same for my kiddos!

naejeirual said...

I have a son and daughter, twenty months apart. I know your hopes. Things seem to be looking positive for us, thus far (it's early though) but I thought I would mention a few things that seem to stick better than others:

Right now they are young enough and so we stuck them in a bedroom together - they scheme together but they dream together.

When an apology is necessary, it must be made by saying the other person's name, looking them in the eye, citing the specific infraction, asking if the "victim" is ok, and asking forgiveness. A hug typically follows. If bitterness remains, the one who committed the wrong is encouraged to pray for the one they hurt, that God might help heal their heart.

I find a moment most days to point out to my kids how much God loves them to have given them someone who they get to be best friends with for their entire life.

Rebekah said...

Dont sweat it. My brother and I used to fight ALL the time- and I mean actual physical fight. We didn't get along as teenagers, but had stopped the fighting. And today we are great friends.

btw- his name is Peter too

Scribbit said...

Sweet--don't old baby pictures just make you so nostalgic? Then I feel a twinge of guilt that I didn't appreciate that phase more.

eetomost said...

I have to tell you that my brother and I were a little over a year apart and we fought growing AND we had good times as well:) I mostly remember the times I got to share with him whether good or bad, it was us being kids. They will grow out of it as we did. I would say I'm closer now to my brother than ever and I wouldn't trade a minute of our growing up for the world:)


Daphine said...

Hi Beth,
I am a blogging buddy of Debra's.

I know this is an old picture posted today, but your kids are adorable.

I remember a time when I was growing up with two sisters, we had many fights that I can still recall. However, today we are closer than most would have ever dreamt. My two girls now have their quarrels with each other, but they are very close. I want to encourage you by saying that this too shall pass.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Carol said...

Beth that was lovely.

Mine too started fighting early but we try and instill in them that though they squabble family comes first and borthers are best.

Maybe if I say it enough I can convince them.

Jaina said...

I'm sure they'll get along better as they get older. That really is a cute picture. :)

Valarie said...

Hey, if all you have is "occasinally" hitting, I'd say you are doing something right. Mine are constantly hitting!

the dragonfly said...

Before I type all this, I want you to know it's meant to be encouraging!!

My brother and I are four years apart (I'm older). We fought so much growing up. He always wanted to do whatever I was doing, and it drove me crazy. Then I moved away and went to college...and we became super close, almost best friends. And we've been that way ever since. So...even though we bickered through our childhood, there was the basis for a friendship there, and it was strong. Now that I'm far away from my family and friends, he is one of the people I miss the most!

Debra said...


I read this and instantly thought of my sister, Rhonda. We fought like cats & dogs growing up. We were eighteen months apart and fought a lot but were inseparable too.

Your hearts desire for them will come to pass ~ you are giving them the right foundation. Hold on tight, mama. Sometimes it just feels a little bumpy. ((hugs)) to you!

Jenn said...

The funny thing that I find is that when one is in time-out and can't play then the other is completely lost and defending the one in trouble! That just gives us all hope that they really are on the same side (or maybe they are just bored because they have no one to fight with! hehe)

carrie said...

Yes, I might have to remind my kids that when mom and dad are gone . . . all they will have will be each other so darn it! Stop fighting over who gets to be the chihuahua when playing Littlest Pet Shop with your 4-year-old sister!

And, that is an adorable photo!

Mamasphere said...

No one knows your life like your siblings. I'm so thankful my sister and I are such good friends, but it did take a while. Don't worry- they'll see the light and be tight when they're older.

michelle {sweet mady's paper} said...

my brother (4 years older) always fought when we were younger, but i cried like a baby the day he left for college and we have been the best of friends since. it all works out!