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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Has anyone ever noticed this or am I the only one?

I will try anything to get my kids to eat vegetables.

“Here honey. These little green trees are sooooo tasty and you can dip them in ranch to make them even more delicious. Now don’t just suck the ranch off the little trees. Eat the little trees too!”

“Yum! Lima beans! You know who looooooves lima beans don’t you? That’s right. Cheyanne loves lima beans so eat em up and be just like her!”

“Here’s some cheese sauce for your little white bushes. Yum! These little white bushes are delicious with cheese sauce? Aren’t they Daddy? Yum!”

My kids have never been fooled by my little tricks. They know broccoli when they see it and are very skilled at licking ranch dressing off of it without actually getting any broccoli in their mouths.

Sarah will spend an entire dinner saying, “Cheyanne likes lima beans!” quickly followed by, “But I don’t!” And she says it with such pride. She will spend hours following Cheyanne around like a love sick puppy dog, wants to wear her hair just like Cheyanne’s and wants to play with whatever toy Cheyanne is playing with but when it comes to lima beans she decides it’s time to show some independence.

And cheese sauce? Forget it! They know that if something is covered with cheese sauce it must be a vegetable and they don’t want any part of it!

Tonight I decided to serve asparagus for dinner. I thought perhaps they might like it since it was oddly shaped as compared to the peas or carrots they are usually served.

As I was dishing it out on their plates I got a brilliant idea and just knew I could get them to try the asparagus.

“Hey kids! Look! This is asparagus! Do you know what happens if you eat a lot of it?”

“What, Mommy? What?” asked Sarah very intent on learning something about the odd green vegetable on her plate.

“If you eat a lot of this the next time you pee it will smell just like the asparagus!” I was so proud that I had remembered this little factoid in time for dinner. They might actually be so intrigued that they may eat some.

Not a chance. They took one whiff of it and deemed it inedible. I hope their preschool teachers never ask them what they had for dinner the night before. They may be shocked by the answer.

A vitamin and a red Popsicle.

Hey, don’t judge me! At least they are getting a vitamin!

Every evening after dinner we go to my parent’s house and sit on their front porch. Dan swings in the swing and Mom, Dad and I rock in the rocking chairs. The kids are usually running around eating Popsicles, kicking kick balls and telling my parents about their day.

Tonight Sarah ran over to my mom and exclaimed, “We ate green beans and Mommy said if you eat enough of them your poop will smell just like beans!”

My mom laughed and gave me a very confused look and said, “What is she talking about?”

I have no idea.

I told mom it was really asparagus not green beans and she still looked at me quizzically.

Am I the only person who has noticed that if you eat a lot of asparagus your pee will smell just like it? Come on, people! Help me out here!


Megan Cobb said...

It is 100% true, but I have discovered that most people live well into their 30s (so far) completely oblivious to this fact! I am so thankful to have another person on the planet who knows and is helping me educate the masses.

jennwa said...

It is because asparagus spells like pee. I am sorry Beth,but I have to agree with Peter and Sarah on the asparagus is ucky.

jennwa said...

I know the word is yucky. I am just not good at this blogging or maybe it is the spelling part I am bad at.

Beth Cotell said...

I thought you were being creative and trying to make "ucky" the new "icky"!

Pam said...

I had no idea. Lovely! My kids will eat some veggies sometimes. Phoebe will always take one bite out of obedience. I hope she will learn to like them. Joshua will eat some like crazy, and not touch others. All we can do is try!