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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

What's going on around here.

We took Peter back to school on January 9th.  It was so nice to have him home for a month but he was ready to get back to his friends and a routine. And he's very excited about his schedule this semester. Somehow he has managed for no classes before 10:15 and no classes on Friday.  He's going to attempt this schedule every semester from here on out.  I told him this was a unicorn and he should just enjoy it while it lasted because there's no way he can get that lucky every semester!

Last Wednesday poor Buddy had his claws removed and was neutered.  Jennifer sent us pictures while he was in their care.

Post surgery. Poor baby!

Buddy right before they left for the evening.

Buddy the next day. "I'm ready to go home, Mom!"

He's doing great!  And (I'm assuming thanks to the neutering) he is much calmer and is getting along very well with Kitten. There is minimal fighting and they can now both be in the same room without an attack happening.  Buddy, will also sit on my lap in the evenings.  Something he would not do before. He's definitely not a snuggly cat but hopefully that will change a little bit as he ages.

All last week they were calling for snow this past weekend. Then the closer it got, their predictions turned to some snow and a lot of ice and that's exactly what we got on Sunday morning.

This was the snow when we woke up. It snowed for a while longer and then turned to sleet and freezing rain.

This was how it looked in the early evening. Everything was covered but it was icy and slick.

Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr. day so Sarah didn't have school but since Dan works from home he still had work.  He only had two conference calls yesterday and the whole day he said was very calm.  As if everyone was enjoying a snow day from home so to speak.  

Sarah has no school today but Dan is working hard. He's been on calls all morning so I guess everyone is back at it. Peter was disappointed that Raleigh only got a little freezing rain and now snow. But never fear! They are call for more snow this weekend and it looks like Raleigh might get a significant amount this time. (Significant being a couple of inches.)

The sun is out today so hopefully there will be a decent amount of melting.  I am thinking that Sarah will go to school with a delay tomorrow.  She is starting to get cabin fever. She does have a hair appointment this evening. She's ready for some layers in her hair.

And while none of this is exciting, that's all I've got!


Ernie said...

I feel like so many colleges are moving away from holding classes on Fridays. Where was that schedule when I was in school? Ed leaves for Budapest on Saturday. It is exciting but the logistics are a killer. He has to have a negative PCR test 72 hours before he lands. He has to be sure that wherever he tests, they'll have the results back from him in under 24 hours. I've always liked math, but good grief that is a lot to figure out.

Mari said...

I like Peter's schedule too!
That was quite a storm. Snow is one thing, ice is another.
I hope the haircut was a success and I hope Buddy is back to himself.

Madeline said...

Sweet Buddy! I hope you guys made it out of the snow/ice. It really is lovely to look at. I hope Peter's second semester is off to a good start with his cushy schedule.

Billie Jo said...

I hope your guy has a great semester at school! They go so fast, don't you think? One semester, I had night classes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and no classes on Friday! I still remember how awesome that was! Love that cute little kitten! Stay safe and cozy, my friend.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Poor Buddy. He's wondering what the heck he's been through. I hope he's feeling better.
I love Peter's schedule too; how perfect is that?