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Friday, January 7, 2022

Some snow pictures...

We finally had to close the windows on Sunday night and say good bye to our 70 degree weather.  They were calling for very cold weather and possible snow on Monday morning. There was no snow but the wind was really whipping around that morning and we lost power around 6:30.  Sarah went to school and Peter got up and headed to the high school for a young alumni brunch.

It started snowing big wet flakes around 9:00 and it was really beautiful. Our power finally came back on around 9:20 and I was able to enjoy my first cup of coffee with the snowflakes.

And then around 12:30, the sun popped out while it was still snowing and proceeded to melt away all the snow! This was my kind of snow.  It was beautiful and then it was gone!

The rest of the week has been pretty uneventful.  We will be taking Peter back to Raleigh on Sunday afternoon. :( It's been so nice having him home for a month but I think he's ready to go back. 

Sarah's been working hard with school work and swim practice and tonight we are going to a swim meet.  She's hoping for good swims and fast times! 

Our ridiculous cat, Buddy, is growing and looking as cute as ever. Unfortunately, he isn't a cuddly cat like Wally was but I'm hoping that changes.

Have a great weekend!


Mari said...

It's very pretty! We just got about 20 inches of snow. Even that was pretty when the sun came out!

Ernie said...

That is my kind of snow, too. Pretty and then does a disappearing act. We had freezing rain Saturday night and the roads and sidewalks were like a skating rink. My college guys are always ready to head out again after a month at home.

Madeline said...

You're still selling me on NC. That is my kind of snow!

Busy Bee Suz said...

The snow is really pretty, but like you said: I'm sure it's nice when it leaves as well.
Not all cats are cuddly; we has a trio of unfriendly cats after having lap cats for many, many years. Very funny!