Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Science Expo!

I can't believe it, but I failed to mention our final Science Expo at Our Lady of Mercy which happened on May 7th.  It probably got lost in all the Confirmation excitement. 

Science Expo is basically a science fair put on by the middle school.  They divide into groups and conduct an experiment, do research around the experiment, write a report, create of display board and create a game explaining their project to the elementary school kids.

On Expo day, the middle schoolers set up their projects in the gym, show them to the elementary kids and then interact with the judges who are determining the best three projects per grade. And then in the evening, everyone comes back to school so the parents can see all the projects and so awards can be given.

This is our final Expo and Sarah's group came in 2nd!  They won last year and came in 2nd the year before that so I would say these three ladies had a great run!

At school on Expo day.  (It was PE day which is why they are in their PE uniforms!)

Receiving their award!

Expo at night!


Madeline said...

Fun! Good for them!!

Mari said...

Science Fairs are fun. Congrats to Sarah!