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Friday, August 4, 2017

Surely the state can afford to update these things a little more often!

It's Friday and we are leaving for the Cape when Dan gets home from work tonight.  The nice thing about an August vacation is that you have all summer to look forward to it.  The bad thing, however, is that once you're back, summer is over.

Peter has been in Driver's Ed from 9:00 - 3:00 every day this week and today is his last day.  It's very boring (other than the movies the show) but he gets a 30 minute lunch and has gone to Taco Bell every day by himself.  That has definitely been the highlight for him.  And since he doesn't like change, I'm sure today will mark 5 days in a row of Taco Bell.  He's not complaining though.

And speaking of the movies - I remember the driver's ed movies from back in the day.  It took Driver's Ed in 1985ish.  And the movies were in black and white (the horror!) and were right out of the late 50's.  I remember the man in one of them was wearing a full suit and a hat.  He was dressed just like Ward Cleaver!

So it was hilarious to hear Peter talk about the "old movies" they showed his class from the 1980's!  I wonder why the state of North Carolina feels like they only have the budget to update these movies every 30 - 40 years?

While Peter was in class one day this week, I took Sarah shoe shopping for school.  And this is what she picked out:

She was prancing around the Rack Room looking a bit like a young hooker - which is why I cropped the top of her out of the picture because she was blowing a kiss.  No thank you...

Anyway, I got her away from these cute-but-totally-inappropriate-for-a-13-year-old-attending-Catholic-school shoes.  And I even contemplated purchasing them for myself.  She kept saying, "Look how great they make my legs look and I was wondering if perhaps they could shave a few (or 10) pounds off my legs.  

We left with a pair of Nikes and a pair of Sperrys  and I'm also hoping that her feet do not grow any more this school year because dang!  Shoes are expensive!

Dan was in Seattle this week but arrived home last night in time to pack his bag for vacation and put the bikes on the back of the car.  I'm hoping that we do the Shining Sea Bike Trail again this year.  It is the highest rated Cape Cod bike trail on trip adviser and we did it two years ago.  Last year, Dan wanted to try a different one and it was fine but the Shining Sea trail was far superior! 

Enjoy your weekend everyone and I'll be back after vacation boring you with pictures and bemoaning the fact that there's only a week and a half left before school starts.  Isn't it nice to have something to look forward too?!


Madeline said...

Have a great trip!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Girls and the hooker heels. My girls used to taunt me with them too.....'get out of town'! LOL!
Enjoy your trip!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Wow, you have a long drive! Do you split it into 2 days or drive straight through?

Mari said...

I can't believe we are talking about school starting already. I think Summer passes far too quickly! I also can't believe Peter is in Drivers Training. Have a nice vacation!

Lucky as Sunshine said...

Awesome, hope you are having loads of fun on Cape.