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Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Quick Takes

It's Friday so let's do some Quick Takes!

1.  We've got lots of tomatoes so here's what I've been doing with them:
I made this yummy chicken caprese. 

Tomato sandwiches and of course, BLTs!  I could eat my weight in BLTs!

I made a very large pot of tomato soup for Dan.  It's really good and a great way to use up a lot of tomatoes.
I made 4 pints of salsa.  It's really good (I use the Mrs. Wegmans' mix from Walmart) and also uses a lot of tomatoes.
I've also given away quite a few tomatoes and there's still plenty more on the vine.  The only problem is that it's been so hot the last week an a half that there are absoltely no new blooms on the plants.  No blooms equals no new tomatoes.  That wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing because once it cools a bit (and it has towards the end of this week) new blooms will form BUT our bushes are looking bad.  They are getting  the blight which is a disease that kills the plants.  :(

2.  Next week, Peter starts driver's ed classes.  I'm glad he's able to get this done in the summer but y'all - MY BABY!!!  He's ready though.  He's already asking if he can drive to school as soon as he turns 16.  How about we turn 15 before we start making plans to drive to school by ourselves, okay??

3.  Sarah has a long summer reading list.  She has to read The Outsiders, Little Women and Treasure Island.  She loved The Outsiders which I knew she would.  I read that book in 7th or 8th grade and the movie came out right around then as well and well, what's not to love about a poignant story and a bunch of soon to be heart-throbs?! 

She has been plodding through Little Women for almost the entire month of July.  And let me tell you, she has complained every step of the way.  She hates, hates, hates, hates this book.  But, she's doing it.  She said that its a little better now that she is at the end of it but it's still two thumbs down form her.  She hopes to finish it today or tomorrow.  At one point a couple of weeks ago she exclaimed in disgust, "This book is so horrible I think I could have written it!" 

She is expecting to hate Treasure Island as well but on the plus side - it's very short!


I got a humming bird feeder a couple of weeks ago and we are slowly but surely starting to get visitors to it.  Although honestly, I think it's only two and the same two. One of them is this little one here.  It's all one color and very small.  There is a bigger one that comes as well and it has a red band around it's neck.

I was in Target shopping for a new swim suit for Dan and came across this one.  I sent him a text with this picture as a joke to see if he wanted me to get it for him.  His response, "Are you in the women's department?" 

6.  During swim season, I would walk with Jennifer while the kids were at night practice.  Now that that's over, I've been walking after Dan leaves for work.  I really need to drop a few pounds and tone up this old lady body. Sarah keeps wanting me to do Jillian Michaels DVDs with her.  UGH!  I got in really good shape doing those DVDs but I did them for so long that I had every word she said memorized and go to the point that I wanted to throw the remote control at her.  I'm currently looking for something that is just exercises with minimal talking from the instructor.  Ads for BodyBoss keep showing up in all my feeds and I'm curious if anyone has done this or knows of anyone that has. 

And when your tomato has a nose on it, you have to draw eyes and mouth!  (I love my husband!)

Enjoy your weekend!


Madeline said...

I can only assume the cat swim suit is a joke? When (not if because really) it goes on super clearance I would buy it because that would be the best White Elephant gift ever.

I love hummingbirds. I should get a feeder myself!

Mute Jillian and just turn on music! So so much better!

Billie Jo said...

Oh yes!
The Outsiders!!!!
Read the book in school...
Crushed on all those guys in the movie!
And thank you.
Just thank you.
I have been thinking of something to get me moving...
And I just checked out BodyBoss.
Before I could change my mind...I hit Buy!
I will let you know...Or...
We can do it together???

Busy Bee Suz said...

The tomatoes and your tomato concoctions are all lovely; I'm jealous as mine were done a while ago. It's always so hard to read a book you're not enjoying.....Sarah is a funny girl though with her comments.
Driving? *sigh*
Kitty cat bathing suit? That makes zero sense.....but you should have got it for him anyway. :)