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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cape Cod!!

When we last met here, Peter had finished up the written portion of driver's ed and I had taken Sarah shoe shopping for school and we were heading up to Cape Cod for vacation.

Dan got home at a reasonable time on Friday evening.  I had already packed and loaded up the car and off we went.

We drove to Chambersburg, PA and spent the night and were up bright and early to make the rest of the drive on Saturday morning.  We left around 7:15 AM and we hit no traffic and no road construction anywhere and it was lovely!  We made it to Yarmouth around 4:30.

On Sunday, Dan's brother and his family came to visit.  We spent the afternoon on the beach and then we played a round of mini-golf and then had pizza and ice cream!

Monday was cloudy and a bit rainy so we went off the Cape to visit the house Dan grew up in one last time.  It will hopefully be on the market in the near future.  The kids didn't think they were going to get to go into again so they were both excited and saddened to do it one more time.  They have a lot of sweet Christmas memories in that house.

Peter wanted to go to a record shop in Cambridge so we headed that way, walked around the campus of Harvard and got lunch at Tasty Burger.  It was as the name promised. Tasty!

Tuesday was also cloudy so we drove to Plymouth to see the rock and the replica of the Mayflower which was unfortunately in Mystic, CT where it is being repaired.  So we headed to Plimoth Plantation which is a living history museum.  They have built the Plymouth settlement exactly as it is described by William Bradford in his writings.  And they have people dressed in period costumes and they interact with you as if you were in their homes in the mid-1600's.  It was fascinating!

We spent time a lot of time on the beach on Wednesday and had a delicious lunch at Captain Parker's.  If you are ever in West Yarmouth (or anywhere on the Cape really) you should head to Captain Parker's.  They have THE BEST clam chowder anywhere in New England.

On Thursday we got up early and drove to Onset to take a three hour tour by boat of the Cape Cod canal but when we arrived we found out the captain had called in sick and the tour had been cancelled.  They gave us our money back and free vouchers for a 1 hour tour of Hyannis.  We had done that one in previous years but it was free and the kids wanted to do it again so we did.

On Friday we headed to Falmouth and parked and got on our bikes and biked 3.5 miles to Woods Hole where we had a nice lunch and then biked back to Falmouth.  There are many bike trails on the Cape Cod and they are all so nice because they are flat!  They follow the old railway lines and a portion of this one runs right by the ocean.  It makes biking (exercising) so much better when you have a beautiful view!

And might I also add that we ate ice cream out EVERY NIGHT!  That's SEVEN nights of ice cream.  I was very excited that when I returned home I had only gained 4 1/2 pounds.

Here are other random shots taken throughout the week:

It was a great vacation - very relaxing and peaceful.  Now we are enjoying our last week and half of freedom before school starts.


Billie Jo said...

What an amazing vacation!!!
I loved all the photos you shared...
But that clam chowder???!!!
I could eat a barrel of that!
Enjoy your remains days of summer vacation!

Kelli said...

This was fun to read having been there last month.
Enjoy your last week of summer!

Busy Bee Suz said...

It looks like a lot of fun for the four of you! I've never been to that area and I hope to get there one day myself. The bike trails sound outstanding.....and I can't believe how much your kids have grown up in the past year. YIKES!!!

Mari said...

This looks like an awesome trip! I loved the pictures.
PS - the kids are shooting up more each time I see them!

Lucky as Sunshine said...

Looking at flights now.. missing Cape.

Ernie said...

We were in Lexington and Boston Aug 11-14. Same neck of the woods. Would love to visit cape cod someday. Looks like a fun time, love the nightly ice cream . . . my kind of vacation!