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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

We've been quacking even though I haven't posted a single picture yet!

This is our last week of the swim season.  I'm always a little sad at the end of it because that means we basically only have a month of summer vacation left.   Noooooooooooooo!

This swim season was a little odd because the first swim meet was rained out.  The next week, Peter was gone to Boy Scout camp and missed the meet that week.  The next week, we had a regular meet and the make-up meet for the rained out meet and Sarah and Cheyanne were in Florida with the Girl Scouts.  The next week was 4th of July week and we never have a meet that week.  Last week was our fourth and final regular season meet and Colton was at his high school doing testing so he got there late and alllllllllllllll of  this just to say, I finally (at a swim team party no less) got to take my annual photo of my swimmers together.

We started the swim team after Sarah's kindergarten year.  So this makes our EIGHTH year on the swim team. 

Here are pictures from the previous years:

2010 (all the kids)

2010 (just Peter and Sarah)

2011(not sure why I didn't get a group photo this year)

2012 (not sure where Cody is)
2014 (I can't find a group photo so I made this collage)

I love these kids and I've enjoyed watching them swim through the years!  I hope they keep swimming for the Ducks until they go to college!

Friday night the big kids swim in the County Championship (the 10 and unders swim on Saturday morning).  I am keeping my fingers crossed that there are no storms, that these kiddos swim fast, but most of all, that they have fun!



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! These "Ducks" have grown up too fast! Such a sweet group of kiddos!

Billie Jo said...

Love this, Beth!
Why does time pass so quickly???
Keep on enjoying your summer. : )

Madeline said...

Oh man. I remember back when they had to grab the rope on their trip across the pool. They have grown so so much. Glad swim has been so good to them all these years!

Ernie said...

I love this! My kids have b een swimming forever too. We have made many friends thru summer swim team, and I have lots of photos of my them when there were tiny until now. This year only 2 of the kids swam. I missed the final meet - Coach had to take that duty since I was at an Irish dancing competition with Mini. I'm hoping he took some photos, but I know other moms did if he didn't. I must admit, I am a little relieved when swim team ends. As much as I love swim team - we have two meets a week. The last few years Coach didn't attend a single meet because his late nights fell on the same nights as meets. It is an exhausting and fun commitment. I'm happy not to have to race anyone to morning practice or figure out how I was going to volunteer at a meet and drive my broken wrist kid somewhere back when he wasn't driving. I'm just as relieved that Irish danncing National champtionships are over too. I don't discriminate - all activities exhaust me after awhile! :)