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Friday, June 5, 2015

Seven Quick Takes

It's been a while since I've done a Seven Quick Takes and since today is Friday, let's do it!

1.  Dan has been in Dubai all week and returns today!  Here are some pictures he sent me while he was away.
The view from his hotel room.

This is a view from a restaurant where he had dinner.  The building is the Burg Kahlifa which at 2,716 feet is the tallest building in the world!

Random palm tree.

2. Today is the last day of school.  Here are my cuties on the first and last day!
Look at their faces!  Don't they look so much more mature?!  YIKES!  Where did the baby faces go???
3.  Tonight we are celebrating the last day of school,(as well as Dan's arrival home and Sarah's birthday) with dinner at a Japanese restaurant.  We started this tradition when the kids finished their 2nd and 3rd grade years at Our Lady of Mercy. (That was the end of their first years their as we started in public school.)  And we've done it ever since. It's our own little end of school tradition!

4.  I'm getting my hair done this morning and then school is only a half day and it's hello summer vacation!  I am just as excited as the kids this year.  It's been a good year but 5th and 6th grade are no joke and we are all just ready for a break!

5.  And speaking of hair, Sarah informed me a couple of days ago that she is going to let her bangs and her hair grow out.  And I was very proud of myself for not saying, "I told you so!".  I guess I'm growing up.  :)  She said she likes her hair short but she misses being able to do lots of different styles with it.  Luckily her hair grows pretty fast so we will let it grow all summer and get a trim right before school starts.  Hopefully her bangs will have grown out enough at that point that we can get it all trimmed to one length.

6.  Swim team is in full swing with evening practices.  Public schools are still in session next week so we won't switch to morning practices until the following week, which means that the kids can sleep in all next week!  They are so excited about that but I can guarantee you they will be up early and then the following week when it's time for swim practice and I need them up early they will fight it.  And how do I know this?  Because it happens every year!  :)

7.  And last Sunday was my beautiful mother's birthday and her are a couple of pictures. I love you Mom!

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Amelia Bentrup said...

Happy last day of school!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cake!

I'm always surprised by how long other people go to school...when do you start in the fall? I guess we just start earlier here (later-mid August).

Madeline said...

Your family has the prettiest cakes! Happy birthday to your mom. I love your end of the school year tradition, how cool. I hope to start something like that when my kiddos are in school. They really do look so grown up compared to the fall.

Billie Jo said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!!!
Happy last day of school!
Happy Japanese food day!
Happy haircut day!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! That cake is gorgeous!
Happy end of year to the kids. They really are looking older.